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Re: Jack Smith's Trust Solution

PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:45 pm
by Highspirit
If you look on the same website that first link is at you will find more information from Jack Smith on other pages.

What he says does make sense but if you want the real low down on Trusts then I think you should be studying 'Christian Walters' New Trust Technology. Just google his name and NTT. ALL FREE INFO BY THE WAY!!!!!

The reason I say CW is because many in the USA know of Jack Smith as well but prefer CW's teachings by far, so definately worth a look at.

Also check out Vic Beck and his recent ventures into Trusts.

Trusts are without doubt IMHO far far easier than d/c and make so much more sense.

After all, the purpose of Trusts is to take care of split title of property and since we can't buy Alloidal Title anymore (since they stole real money off us) then we can only buy legal and equitable titles now which are split by Trust (like a car for example).

Get into Trusts, they have used them to enslave us for sure.

HS :)