Warrent of Execution and contracts! ( statutes)

Warrent of Execution and contracts! ( statutes)

Postby glowstone » Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:11 pm

Upon having missed given time to respond to a court "warrent of execution"...the baliffs are now banging on the door!

So basically if i was found in "contempt" for not responding to the court in the allowed time and that my silence constituded a "contract"....surely it is the contempt that allows a contract...but forgive my ignorance ( im still learning)....surely for me to be in Civil contempt...then a contract needs to exist...and for criminal contempt..an injured party?

Heres a breakdown of events

1. PCSO issues my car with a parking ticket.
2. council tries to notify me...i do not reply
3. warrant of execution is placed at court for baliffs to retrieve my goods ( which wasnt responded to at this level)
4. Baliffs write to me, i respond by phone ONCE ONLY and do the following.
a) I do not state my full name, or D.O.B
b) I inform the agent that i will be appoint a 3rd party to handle the matter
c) I state clearly that I am not party to their contract with the Council
d) The agent tries to get my admission of liability...this is denied.
e) the agent is informed that they do not have permission to enter or attend my house. she tells me a baliff would "never force entry"

5. Baliffs write to me, to which i respond that i WILL deal with the matter, upon reciept of specific evidence relating to contract, signed under Affidavit by them they are given 30 days. Terms applied to this that said they would drop their claims if they diddnt present me with the info.
6. Baliffs write back stating that they HAVE NO CONTRACT WITH ME and that they are under the orders of the court. and that their contract with the council is PRIVATE!
7.Baliffs continue to visit my house when im at work..along with a van and a spare monkey.
8. Letter sent stating that the baliffs are in "Fault" for not presenting me with specific evidence of contract for me to deal with their claims. 10 days extention is granted.
9. Letter of "CEASE AND DESIST" sent along with letter of fault....reminding them of my requirements, and that any following visits will be recorded on video camera and that appointments need to be made in writing, sent by post ONLY.

Also consider:-

1. that the house in which i live is owned by someone else and none of its contents belong to me.
2. That they have spelt my cristian name wrong when adressing the strawman.
3. that all of my posessions will be given as a gift to a family member,posessing a different surname than mine...signed in an agreement....i posess NOTHING!
4 all letters sent were recorded deliver and signed "authorised representative"

Well thats it for now......any thoughts?
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