DCA for lloyds TSB really should word their letters better

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DCA for lloyds TSB really should word their letters better

Postby IamallthatIam » Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:50 pm

Got to post this letter from Darren: of the "illuminati bloodline if ever I heard one"-Wengenroth family


and now for my reply !!!!

In care of:
address remooved by me

17TH August 2009

Re: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc
Account number: 3XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Your reference: XXXXXXXXXX
Notice of Default & Conditional Acceptance

To: MHA: of the Collections family,
PO Box 1024

Dear Darren: of the Wengenroth family,

Please read the following notice thoroughly and carefully. It is a notice. It informs you. It means what it says.

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letters dated: 6th and 12th August 2009 respectively.

Although, why you are still attempting to communicate with me I do not know.

Ignorance is no defence of the law and you are currently breaking the law as you continue to choose to completely ignore and heed my notice sent to you on the 24th July 2009.

In consequence of your actions, you are now in default which means you are offending and your actions have been reported as such.

I have noted the content of your letter dated 6th August 2009 and as a matter of courtesy I shall respond in substance rather than ignoring you, which I am perfectly entitled to do without dishonour.

“You state that the bank has been reviewing your account(s) which have been passed to me as your personal advisor”

Firstly I would like to make it clear that whatever contract you may have with “The Bank” is between you and “The Bank” and is of no concern to me whatsoever as I am not party to any contract with either faction. You are not “my personal advisor”. I have not contracted with you, or employed your services in any way, shape of form. I have not engaged you in any capacity with regards to my commercial affairs or any other matter.

You further state that you, “have a number of special offers specific to you, to help you repay your account”

Whatever “special offers” you are attempting to tender, trade or bargain with in order to engage me in a contract will prove unsuccessful as I have no need or desire to hire you or your business.

With regards to [our offer to you that is MHA COLLECTIONS offer to Mr Simon Elder – quoted as £2,759.77 as settlement of the debt] and further down [Our offer to you - £2,922.11 in 3 payments] I conditionally sanction your quoted offers, and will approve, as full and final remedy to your dishonour, the offers you have volunteered, on the understanding that all payments are forwarded by return in the form of a cheque made payable to Mr Simon Elder for immediate encashment.

Failure to fulfil your commitment in accordance with your offer will result in action being taken against you, as any transgression from the quoted terms constitutes a crime under Common Law.

That is, if you choose to counteract your offer by employing mischief in your promises, you will be subject to apt penalties as castigation for the offence.

Acceptance of your offer in no part constitutes agreement to an offer of your services. Any acceptance, on the part of Mr Simon Elder, is purely to remedy dishonour

You will be deemed to have been served notice of my request and I will deem it served three (3) days from the date of this letter. This has been sent by recorded delivery. I am advising you that any communications from you including but not limited to letters, phone calls and text messages received after this date will be recorded/noted with the intention of them being used as evidence.

Sincerely and in honour, without ill-will, frivolity, or vexation,

Simon: of the Elder family, as commonly known

All Rights, Privileges and Powers Reserved Without Prejudice.


Well, they should have known better really :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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Re: DCA for lloyds TSB really should word their letters better

Postby elemental mechanic » Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:46 pm

personal advisor, GREAT, just what you asked for right, WRONG. :giggle: you have obviously got it in hand iam, when will they learn.

peace is :love:


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Re: DCA for lloyds TSB really should word their letters better

Postby MikeThomas » Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:53 pm

Lloyds TSB & their cronies are such a bunch of tossers! My £200 overdraft balloned to over £600 in a matter of months after me telling them that I was having finacial problems. That was their solution! More unlawful bank charges!
See! It's always best to be honest with these sharks
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Re: DCA for lloyds TSB really should word their letters better

Postby huntingross » Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:06 pm

I know writing all this stuff to screw them is fun, but at his discount offers as "full and final settlement" just to get rid of them is unmissable....85% discount wholly crap, I'd bite his hand off to get rid of them at that rate of discount.....one small problem with his maths though....he has only given you 15%....I'd write back and accept his offer of 85% discount and enclose the 15% cheque.
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