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PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:48 pm
by holy vehm
Im a little confused to say the least here with regards the banking collapse.
Where did all the money go?
Why did the banks need a bailout in the first place?

If banks can not by law lend out savers money or invest it ect why did the RBS and HALIFAX almost go bust?
The reports were that these banks didnt have enough money to pay back savers and that the government (taxpayer) had to guarentee all monies.
So if they cant lend savers money out, where did it go, and if they didnt lend it all out where is it?

I may be wide of the mark here but,
We let the banks look after our money and they have lost it, so we give it to them again as taxpayers, so we have saved twice but only got our original savings.
We as a country had a £54 billion national debt 12 years ago and now its around £1.4 trillion. How?
I know i probably sound a bit dumb here but where did all the money go.
Is it a case of "well we still have your savings, we need taxpayers money because we lost our own money so we now need yours"
If they have spent and lost savers money then when do the court cases start?

The government tells the royal mint to produce extra cash and give it to the bank of england who then lend it to us with interest and we the taxpayer are footing the entire bill.
And we the taxpayer have absolutly no say in this what so ever?
Its almost like a loan or credit card application.
Wheres the full disclosure / equal consideration / lawful terms and conditions and mutual intent.


Re: confused.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:05 pm
by kevin
holy vehm wrote:Im a little confused to say the least here with regards the banking collapse.
Where did all the money go?

there is no money, they lend it at interest, there is no money to pay the interest therefore it is impossible for the merry go round to continue without a crash.

(it takes 15secs for this vid to start)

Re: confused.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:03 pm
by holy vehm
I know that money doesnt excist, what i ment was in their illusion of money, where did it go.
If people put their cash into a bank every week then that person believes they have saved cash with said bank.
And if that bank cant lend or invest it then if people turn up for their cash, its not there anymore, so where did it go.

In reality im going to earn less cash than i did because tax goes up to give banks back the cash they lost.
But banks never actually lost anything.
have they lost that cash that people gave them to look after.

The banks lend us our own money and then get the interest plus the money back, this is what banks invest to make their own money.
Do they lend that money to other banks/companies or do they do the same thing as what they do with us, just create it. if so banks no matter what, ever play with their own money or lose any money. If thats the case why are we giving them hundreds of billions?

There is a crash every 25 years or so, so does this mean that each time we bail them out.
So a saver 100 years ago who puts away £100 per week has saved up and lost it 4 times because the banks have lost it/spent it.
now because its guarenteed they assume that there £100 per week is still there, £520000.
But they have paid more because each time the banks need a bail out from the state.
So they work and save £520000 but have actually paid in 4 times that amout £2080000 because the banks keep losing it and we keep filling up the bank vault so to speak.

WE know that money is an illusion but im trying to look at it from inside the illusion, where do they the banks say it all went, because they cant come out and say it doesnt excist, that money is just an illusion.