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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:03 pm
by Iwasbornfree
I have received a letter (FINAL DEMAND) from a debt collection agency of CC company telling me that unless I pay my account balance in full within 7 days, that my account will be passed back to the CC company, who may pass my account to solicitors to take legal action to recover the debt which may lead to CC judgement against me, and if I still fail to make payments, they will instruct solicitors to take further action which may include the following;

1. Applying for a charging order againsy my property (I don't own a house).
2. An attachment of earnings (money deducted directly from my earnings.
3. A warrant of execution being served (didn't know they cold issue the death penalty), where a court bailiff is given authority to take goods.
4. Court costs and fees of any action taken.

This credit card is currently in the hands of solicitors who deal with financial irregularity claims (cc's Loans etc).

However, they are not going to be presenting this or any other case to the court until Jan 2010.

With this in mind, should I send the CC company a 'Notice of Conditional Acceptance' (conditional acceptance of the debt), or would doing this invalidate the claim the solicitors are preparing?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:29 pm
by Arten
I just got the same crap I am thinking of just wrting back to them the DCA telling them to stay out of my buisness and saying I do not deal with third party interlopers so fuck off you parasites.