LTSB admitting there wrong

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LTSB admitting there wrong

Postby buddha1 » Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:29 pm

Hey there folks got some good news, where do i start ok have been in an overdraft repayment plan for a long time one day my overdraft was £100 which eventaully crept upto £1000 through charges me increasing it etc however have been paying it back for wow at least 5 years now last year stangely about this time last year it was down to £150 however with them suddenly ending this and not telling me i was very kindly charged £20 a day for 10 days plus a wee brucie's bonus of £15 monthly charge for this very kind gesture of them giving me an unplanned overdraft, so it jumped back up to £350 and against my better judgement and for peace of mind agreed to go back into the repayment plan and pay it off again so as a good boy i stuck to their shitty agreement like glue every month paying what i agreed to, well to my surprise came back from a long day at work to find a letter from the (peoples owned bank) i.e me you and everyone else who bailed those crooks out, which stated some shit about me asking them to make a payment that i knew nothing about and because there was not enough money in your account i would be charged £20 a day and the brucie's bonus of £15 for the courtesy of them giving me an unplanned overdraft ........ ok need to get this out first of all there charging system is very well thought out f**k the £35 a month being too high how about there £20 a day for a maximum of 10 yeah thats 10 days plus the £15 at the end of the month thats if like me you have felt the raft of their coruption thats £215 what happened to the £35 anyway it takes them 3 days for the letter to be sent so in actual fact by the time i get back from work its into the forth day by my calculations thats 4 x £20 thats £80 plus £15 thats £95 what happened to the £35 in a word SUSPECT!!! ok drifting here a bit
now the good news i phoned them up explained the situation i was told we would refund all charges i thought you know what thats not good enough i asked to speak to his manager to which i was told they are not here we'll phone you back, ok so he phones i understand that your not happy well that was the fuel i needed to hear, i asked if this overdraft was a contract and that if this was a contract to which he said it was an agreement to which i said is a contract, its irrelevant i never signed nothing ever so the contract/agreement is bull and you are using mischeif and deciet in it and by doing this this is breaking the law, the conversation went on with me using some of the knowledge i've learnt here, he said in fact tried to wriggle about here said he felt i was using entrappment i merely got him to admitt certain things without him knowing i was incinutating to which he did, anyway the point im trying to get at is he kept digging a hole and i kept repeating what they had done and he admitted it!!! we made a mistake!!! well knock me down with a feather they admitt they were wrong, well he did not want to deal with me now and began to write my complaint to the complaints team i said i want my whole account checked for the last 5 years to see if this is what they did prior was the same, he then asked will this make you happy to which i responded you know what NO if i make a mistake then i am punished to the sound of you guessed it £20 a day for upto ten days plus the £15 brucie's bonus well he said i'll put your account on hold while this is being dealt with, good man!!! they never done this before when i made a mistake which is a step in the right direction and although not a mountain certainly a mole hill which in my eyes is a start now all i need to do is think out a charging system that works for me for all the sleepless nights the phone calls the stress the phones and there has been a couple smashed during phone calls with LTSB now i only fought back because of what i learnt here so trust in yourselves peeps and keep chipping away at the money hungry bastards
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Re: LTSB admitting there wrong

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:32 pm

Top stuff, Bhudda! This will do your confidence the world of good. Congrats, m8 :yes:
They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so long mistaken Authority for Truth - Gerald Massey
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Re: LTSB admitting there wrong

Postby st helens town » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:25 am

i was just wondering could you claim every charge thay ever charged you on the overdraft then? Ive had a few problems with Ltsb myself with overdraft charges over the past 3 to 4 years thay have charged me about £500 all together. go in to phone them tommorow and go about it the same way you have siad in your post :peace:
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