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Contract Void - Help

Postby bekhayman » Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:22 pm

Hi guys.

I went to citizens advice bureau when I was struggling financially so I got some free legal advice on a DRO however I didn't meet the criteria.

I'm back on my feet now so I know they won't let me have the free advice again - so I was wondering if you could help...

I have a loan for a car with creation. It's a fixed sum loan and isn't secured. However, when I tried to sell my car, it flagged up that it's secured.

Anyhow, the guy at CAB told me that its an American contract and in a section on the terms it states that I "cannot enter in to a IVA or bankruptcy". He told me that this means the contract is void as it doesn't comply with British regs.

Any idea how I can pursue this and get it wiped without paying for legal services??

Many thanks,

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