Question to The Treasury

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Question to The Treasury

Postby squark » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:04 am

I just phoned the Treasury Correspondence Unit and asked.......
If I am born within the UK geographic area and that land has trees and rocks, minerals, oil, fish, rabbits etc, and we assume 70million people in the UK, one 70millionth share should be mine. The govt administer all that stuff getting an income from logging permits, fishing licenses etc etc. So if I don't like the way the administrators do the job, where is my share and how do I get hold of it to administer it myself?

" No one in the government will answer your questions, no one will be able to discuss that with you."
Note the government not this department.!
"No I cant suggest anyone else to phone."
Public servant?
Me...."So where is it? Has my inheritance been stolen?"
" I need to end this call now."

I don't really know what kind of response I expected, but not so much the words as the feeling of the reply surprised me. A mix of shock fear and anger in her voice, abrupt and the whole tone was just shutting down, can't be hearing this stuff, not our business......I think they are afraid of the question!
Anyway, the clerk of the court, the chief executive of the local council, the prime minister and the treasury all say no to my questions.
Maybe the thing to do is write and tell them what to do. ie put my share in this account each month.....
Better happen soon...I'm getting hungry.
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