Money appeared in bank account?

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Money appeared in bank account?

Postby I234i » Mon May 07, 2012 10:14 am

Recently ive had some money deposited in my bank account.

I had deposited money in my account, but the cashier seemingly entered the wrong amoung and a higher amount was deposited in my account.

The bank sent me a letter showing it was the error of them and the money would be taken out, but my account was dry.
I responded noting it was the banks error and and errors by me were charged by the bank in charges and that i was out of work.

Ive since had 2 emails urging me to contact them to resolve a payment plan.

Ignore it or should i contact them? Just worried it wold go further to court but as they said it wasnt my error.
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Re: Money appeared in bank account?

Postby Freeman Stephen » Mon May 07, 2012 10:40 am

Its a special case because its a usury and extortion company by trade. It could be that they know that you're unemployed and sought to take advantage of this and put you in debt. Definitely dont accept any interest charges or late payment fees, try and negotiate a few holiday days so if you need all your income in special occasions, the banks mistake isn't going to fuck that up. Say back what you can afford as soon as possible or as slow as possible depending on your preference. Apart from it being a bank the overpayment has led to you getting an unjust reward that causes the bank to lose out. My heart bleeds for them. NOT! I think if they take this to a court though, they would only have to rely on the common law of them being equal in rights to anyone who mistakenly overpaid you and it could be more difficult to negotiate at that point. Contact them but make sure that its not treated like a loan which is their trade, afterall thats a highly unlawful way to get business. Lets know how it goes.
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Re: Money appeared in bank account?

Postby pedawson » Mon May 07, 2012 11:51 am

Negotiate with hem by all means however it is imperative that you do it from an even footing.
While you still bank with them THEY hold all the cards so, I 'I' would close my account and go to another bank or just not bother with a bank at all. This way they do NOT hold all the cards and are forced to negotiate.
Remember, while you are negotiating they have no recourse to the courts.
Ask them 'Where did this money come from?' and state categorically that it is with THAT individual or individuals that your negotiation is with. NOT THE BANK.
If they cannot say where the money came from you don't owe anything.
You need the forensic accounting documents to show what they are saying is true. If they cannot give them, where did the money come from?
This will turn out to be an interesting conversation, 1 because even if it was an error, they have to show that the money was taken from somewhere else.
2 if it was an error and it was THEY that caused it, it isn't down to you to solve the problem.
Are they saying that by entering an amount in your account that they just created money? if that is the case they should have HAD to report to the central bank that this had been done and the system of checks and balances in that bank would HAVE to be investigated. In short they CANNOT just create money and if they just did it is FRAUD, and there system just BROKE.
I believe compensation is on the cards you are a victim not a fraudster.
Remember it is those that cause the problem who has to solve it, not the victim.

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