A pack of hyenas and a shark vs leaseholder

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A pack of hyenas and a shark vs leaseholder

Postby AlbertheWolf » Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:54 pm

In February 2013 my bank lenders (hyenas) have been approached :shake: by the freeholder (shark) only with a LVT determination deciding (July 2012) that there are service charges to pay amounting to almost £20,000.

I presented two appeals in 2012 (to the LVT and to the Upper Tribunal) both rejected with scandalous decisions. :thinks:
At the moment there is no County Court injunction and I have never received a section 146 Notice from the freeholder (a solicitor himself).

I contested the services charges bill fully as fraudulent :police: explaining why :psst: and I informed the bank that they are refused to be granted with my authorisation to pay the freeholder explaining why and also stating that the case is still in dispute as a judicial review case was going to be filed (it is filed now).

In the last two months I asked the bank to provide the lawful evidence authorising them to pay on my behalf and against my will. So far, no replies from the bank after 2 months and 4 letters. I also added that I would sue the bank if they pay the sum.

In March 2013 the bank decided to pay anyway adding the sum to my mortgage with interests :ouch: to protect 'its security' as they claimed that they were presented with a section 146 Notice by the freeholder.

How is it possible that they took the responsibility to pay on my behalf without a successful County Court Injunction determination and without me receiving a section 146 Notice by the freeholder? This shark claimed £96,000 for one day hearing at the LVT when rules should cap this to £500.

I am aware that if the breach relates to arrears, you cannot serve a valid section 146 notice where the amount of service charges, administration charges or ground rent owed (or a combination of all of these) total less than £350, or have been outstanding for less than three years.

I will have to sue the bank because I do not believe that the bank could act in a such way without the lawful evidence necessary?

Thanks for any opinion on the hyenas pack if you have any,

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