Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Postby pedawson » Thu May 26, 2011 6:01 pm

Again found on 'The Extortion SYSTEM of the Ruling Elite' @
This book was written by {Fiction Title/Name: Francis Robert Thomas Hay}

Ultimately within their SYSTEM it is your Birth Certificate that is paramount to your freedom. Not the Registration of Birth one, but the actual Birth Certificate, which is a warehouse receipt for your Vessel that is Berthed at some Port, called a Country. Ultimately if you are stuck and nobody is buying into the fact that you are a man created male or female by God, whereby their Civil Laws do not apply to you as you are not a FICTION, you can simply make use of you Birth Certificate to transfer liability back to your imaginary Vessel. You do this by Surrendering the Surety, being the Birth Certificate, to the Judge and simply walk out of the Court Room. Because the Courts operate in pure fiction, they have to accept a fiction when presented that matches the Docket, hence your Birth Certificate. You can simply order another Certificate later. The Birth Certificate is a Bond instrument and can be used to set off all charges against the Strawman.
Also in situations you do not have a Birth Certificate, you can always say, “I wave my bennifit privilege of going to Jail.” or fine, whatever they suggest you do to atone for you sins. Combining the Birth Certificate with an Unlimited Private Set Off Bond also works wonders. You should never goto trial or have too and just file the Birth Certificate with the Court Clerk along with your Bond. You could include a notice that you are surrendering the Surety or DEFENDANT by doing this and simply follow up with a letter to the Judge in his Chambers. A Judge in the Public works for the Bankers, when the Judge is in Chambers it is private. So Send the Judge in Chambers a letter explaining what you are doing and what you want him/her to do about it.
Your Signature
If you don‟t have Birth Certificate you can just write a note that you are Surrendering the Surety or Replacing the Surety. It is your signature of your Agent that gives the document value, which can be converted by any judge into currency. You might have to give yourself a name, although again Man does not have a name. If you do punctuated it like this:
HAY, FRANCIS ROBERT THOMAS has been surrendered as Surety for the real Living Man of Flesh and Blood date of birth, April xx, xxxx; in the matter Case No.123456 Concerning stepping on an Ant‟s toe.
By Agent: _________________________
Francis Robert Thomas Hay
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Re: Birth Certificate

Postby huntingross » Thu May 26, 2011 8:53 pm

My post on "Caution" I think ties into this, because the caution is security....which either means an "instrument" or surety for another party (a principal party).....I think the principal is the Strawman and we are cautioned to be surety for the strawman.....the instrument that is created is either a negotiable instrument or an allonge attached to the birth certificate.

Now I have made some of that up (apart from the definition of security) but it makes sense of why they caution us.

You have the right to remain silent, and they hope you do....tacit consent to a contract is so much easier to process.
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