You hold the power

You hold the power

Postby treeman » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:33 pm

An interesting post by Jim in one of the skype chat rooms.

[00:58:19] Jim: YOU HOLD THE POWER
Preamble: This article is presented to Canadians (oh alright, Americans too), to help you comprehend why and how it has been possible to live and work productively, in what has often been coined the world’s richest nation in terms of resources, and yet, for many of us, to end up in the alleged prime of our life, tired, broke and completely disenchanted about the future.

The truth is, we have been conned into volunteering to be tired, poor and disenchanted. We have throughout our history, been openly, albeit covertly, freely offered our fair share of all of the great wealth and freedoms available only in this nation. Our mistake, has been that we simply did not know how to accept what was offered. Well okay, because of the covert manner by which our Entitlements were offered, we did not even recognize the offer, let alone the manner of acceptance, but that is precisely what was expected of us. We are, because we have been, “incompetent”.

Any statements that purport to be a statement of fact made herein, are supported and verifiable by a great many independent sources, which for sake of expediency and in some cases, privacy, have been deliberately omitted. Many of our readers will be aware of much of this information, yet perhaps surprised at how it all fits together within this short explanation.

Should you have any specific questions, comments, or concerns as a result of reading this information, please feel free to contact us at any time, as it is our intention to be as helpful as possible.

Please also appreciate that nothing in this article is intended to be construed as advice or counselling of any kind, nor is it any form of solicitation. In furtherance thereof, you are solemnly warned not to interpret anything presented herein as legal or financial advice, and certainly not to make any attempts to put any of this information into any type of practical application without first gaining significant advice from independent professionals. As mentioned above, your inquiries are welcomed.

Your STRAWMAN is created at, or upon registration of your Live Birth. The Birth Certificate is essentially the equivalent to a “Certificate of Incorporation”.
This new “company”, a.k.a., the STRAWMAN, a.k.a., the DEAD MAN, is the
beginning of an attempt to convert the live man’s estate (possessions and
productivity) into the assets of the DEAD MAN. The DEAD MAN is always registered by the state as a citizen of a “foreign” jurisdiction.

The issuance of the S.I.N. (or S.S.N.) is equivalent to a Certificate of Cessation, or Winding-Up of the company, or appropriately, a Death Certificate for the STRAWMAN, notwithstanding they claim it is essentially an employee identification number. It is in fact, an employee identification number (“EIN”), however, it is also evidence, or Certification of the Death of that STRAWMAN,

2 | P a g e A l l r i g h t s R e s e r v e d - U n d e r C l a i m o f R i g h t - : H o u s e o f I s r a e l thus simultaneously (with its issue and by its issue) creating an actual “Estate” in that name of that registered foreigner. The “state”, via the banks and law society (judges, etc.) then presumes to take the office of “Executor” for the foreigner’s created Estate. They assume correctly) that most people will, by default, abandon this Estate. Big surprise here - after all, nobody even told us the Estate existed. The Estate is abandoned simply by virtue of the fact that rarely, if ever, does a live man step forward and claim the position of Executor of the Estate, hence by this default, the state steps in to assume that vital, and most powerful role.

All other parties to an Estate, are subordinate, and under the control and direction of the Executor; the role ignored by the people, but latched onto with a vengeance by the state. Such positions as trustee, beneficiary, etc., are all subordinate to the Executor, and must take orders therefrom.

There is an essential order to the steps involved in creating a trust, which are ignored, or not understood by most. In order for a “trustee” to exist, for example, a bona fide “trust” must first be proven to exist. In order for any “trust” to exist, there must first exist, some form of “estate”, or at the very least, some form of contract, with lawful consideration paid or exchanged, between at least two or more actual and real parties. You cannot have the existence of a trust, without first the prior existence of an “estate”, or some “thing” of value that can be entrusted.

Further, you cannot have an estate, without having an Executor. Hence the
Executor is the authority that grants the power and duties and liabilities to each of
the trustees, and to any beneficiaries. (A “grantor”, is not equivalent to an Executor, and does not have or enjoy the Executor’s powers, rights, or immunities. Any suggestions to the contrary are erroneous and without foundation in fact or at law.)

In summary, an Executor is, and can only be a live man, and as such only he can create an Estate, or any “thing” of value, which may then become, at his discretion, and exclusively in accordance with his wishes, entrusted to someone else, pursuant to a “trust”. He, the Executor, produces a thing, the Estate, and directs it pursuant to a trust created by him with his trustees. He, the Executor, is
the superior authority and with the exclusive authority to make Claim of Right

The trustees can make no Claim of Right, and any Beneficiaries can only make Claim of Right to those aspects or portions of the Estate they have been given, or allotted by direction of the Executor. Typically, the live man fails to fulfil his position as Executor - he rarely even recognizes the existence of the position.

3 | P a g e A l l r i g h t s R e s e r v e d - U n d e r C l a i m o f R i g h t - : H o u s e o f I s r a e l The state recognizes the live man’s default, then acting as Executor, they proceed to use any number of “statutes” and “acts”, to effectively cause the
transfer of all of that live man’s possessions, into property allegedly belonging to the DEAD MAN’s Estate, and under their authority as de facto Executor. Examples of this, are the Land Titles Act, and the Motor Vehicles Act, etc.

The live man, a.k.a., the Head of the Household, a.k.a., the Executor by Right, fails to fulfil his duties as Executor, hence by default, abandoning the Estate of the foreigner, which is then administered by the state, as the state is then in fact, the only currently existing Executor for the Estate. Hence the state has ALL of the power of the Executor, and ALL of the authority to act under Claim of Right, to protect that power, and to preserve their (erroneous), but nonetheless effective Claim of Right to all of the Estate’s possessions.

The effective power of the Claim of Right, may only exist in one direction at a time. The live man has the first duty to exercise that power, yet the moment he fails to, the state by this, his default, takes the role unto themselves, leaving the live man as their dependant subject.

Since the state cannot deny essentials of life to its domestic citizens, nor even to the live men living on the lands within the state’s borders, it provides everyone with a simple remedy, yet maintains the workings of this remedy in relative secrecy.

The definition of a “remittance”, for example, is “a transfer of money by a foreign worker to his or her home country.” (Other definitions are similar: 1. the sending of money, checks, etc., to a recipient at a distance. 2. money or its equivalent sent from one place to another. 3. payment for goods or services received or as an allowance, esp. when sent by post.)

Likewise, the definition for “voucher”, is: 1. “a bond which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods.” 2. “a synonym for receipt and is often used to refer to receipts used as evidence of, for example, the declaration that a service has been performed or that an expenditure has been made.” 3. “A written authorization or certificate,
especially one exchangeable for cash or representing a credit against future

This is why all essential services such as heat, hydro, gas and other utilities are coded with a “96” designation, and why they are sent to us including a “Remittance Voucher”. The remittance voucher is evidence that these essential items are PRE-PAID for, and in fact, the Remittance Voucher is payment, to wit, specie, specifically for all of these items.

4 | P a g e A l l r i g h t s R e s e r v e d - U n d e r C l a i m o f R i g h t - : H o u s e o f I s r a e l This 96 code, together with the Remittance Voucher, gives us access to our Entitlement. When properly administered by us, it may be used to pay for these essential items, after which it will be exchanged by the service providers for cash, due to us from our Entitlement. Our Entitlement is our proportionate share of the National Savings Account (in Canada), or as is otherwise referred to, as the
unallocated portion of the National Debt (Also National Debt in America.) (Not the
Consolidated Revenue Fund, or other such erroneous accounts as may be reported from time to time.)

Likewise all income tax payable, is able to be offset against our respective Entitlement, simply by properly administering the Remittance Voucher that either
comes with the Assessment, or is available upon request. In fact, upon examination of the Income Tax Act, it becomes apparent that this is the preferred method by which Canadians should pay their taxes.

Also, and perhaps the largest portion of our Entitlement, is that which we obtain by processing any paid off credit notes, mortgages, or other qualified credit
instruments, issued by us against credit obtained from chartered banks. These
original notes as made by us, belong to us, and in such instances where we obtain
them in exchange for final payment, are proof of our Entitlement. (When not
recovered by us upon our final payment, these are then utilized by banks to collect our Entitlement in our stead - but not on our behalf.)

These provisions allow the foreign DEAD MAN to access money from his domestic Entitlement, to pay for the essential services of the live man, to reimburse the live man for any credit notes his STRAWMAN may have paid off, and to pay for him, any income tax his STRAWMAN may owe - if the live man knows how to process them. “They” are under no obligation to tell you how the process works - they simply make sure the process was offered to you, to remove them from any potential liability and to create plausible deniability. Then they rely upon their age-old maxim; “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. As Executor, a.k.a. as a competent live man, we are simply expected to know these things. They assume the role, because they know these things. So should you.

Only one party can be the Executor - the order giver - the supreme authority, with Claim of Right over an Estate. All others are subordinate. Only the Executor is immune from liability; all others may be liable according to the dictates and wishes of the Executor. This is why the state creates the circumstances such that most live men will automatically default. When you drop your wallet, the next one walking by, has the right to pick it up. We are not talking about the duty of honour to return the wallet, that is obvious. Equally obvious, is the lack of honour within

5 | P a g e A l l r i g h t s R e s e r v e d - U n d e r C l a i m o f R i g h t - : H o u s e o f I s r a e l the lawyers’ club that created this default conversion of our possessions on behalf of the banks in the first place.

Remedy comes simply, once you grasp how the conversion process was initiated. Basically, when you do not claim any of your rights over your Estate, or claim your position as Executor of the Estate, the state then correctly presumes you are incompetent, and usurps the role of Executor, on your Estate’s behalf, which allows them to confiscate your respective Claims of Right at the same time. This makes you a “child” of the state “[Province]”, under their complete and absolute protection and control, without ownership or possession of anything, except that which they provide you as an alleged benefit or privilege. You become by default, a subject, a tenant, a surf, a pauper, a vagrant, a dependant, a ward, in short, a child of the state.

Step one to remedy, is to first comprehend how by your own default, you lost your rightful position as Head of your Household - as Executor of your Estate. Then realize that since this right is inherently yours, that it does not expire; and that you may therefore claim it at any time.

Then make your Claim of Right to the entirety of your Estate (all of your possessions), including your DEAD MAN’s possessions, and make Claim to your
position as Executor for your Estate and for the Estate of your DEAD MAN, which
right, by the way, is in fact a paramount, and inherent Right of yours. You have the first, and the prior, and the superior Claim, to the role of Executor, and to your Right of Claim to your Estate, or to any portion thereof, in any form, simply because it is yours. You produced it, whether or not it is in your name or the DEAD MAN’s name.

Once you make proper Claim of Right to your entire Estate, and properly Notice the authorities that you are now fulfilling your rightful position as Executor to the Estate of your DEAD MAN, then YOU have ALL OF THE POWER, including all of the authority to dictate who is legally and financially liable, who or what is legal and financial surety, and all of the authority to claim your Entitlements, and all of the authority to “stand your ground” by implementing the provisions of Section 39(1) of the Canada Criminal Code, enabling you to use whatever force, including lethal force, as you deem necessary to protect your possessions from anyone, even from those that may allege to have, or even have an actual “legal” right to attempt to remove any of your possessions, or to interfere in any way with your peaceful possession of any of your property held under Claim of Right.
Wikipedia: “Government debt (also known as public debt, national debt)[1][2] is money (or credit).”

I'll make no subscription to their paradise.

All Rights Reserved - Without Prejudice - Without Recourse - Non-Assumpsit
Errors & Omissions Excepted
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Re: You hold the power

Postby freefox » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:01 am

nice explanation of the executor position do you have the info on how to use the post office general delivery 4 canada do we use u.s. minor outlying island [ x9x 8z8-9998] post code format 4 canada post master location like in the u s of a
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Re: You hold the power

Postby enegiss » Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:05 pm

From: [] On Behalf Of Steve Berryman
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: [Administrating-Your-Public-Servants] IRS W4 and Potential Employer...

T/D/C = Threat/Duress/Coercion. I always put an asterisk * "under the laws of the united States of America" which changes the perjury jurat to one that is not from a US Citizen(slave on their plantation) me ( the asterisk has an interesting perspective, albeit an american one, it does kinda send the message, that they "the statutes" appear questionable) looks good as well :grin:
asterisk [ˈæstərɪsk]
1. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a star-shaped character (*) used in printing or writing to indicate a cross-reference to a footnote, an omission, etc.
2. (Linguistics)
a. (in historical linguistics) this sign used to indicate an unattested reconstructed form
b. (in descriptive linguistics) this sign used to indicate that an expression is ungrammatical or in some other way unacceptable
if you wish to create a favourable History, then you have to start now.
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Re: You hold the power

Postby Dreadlock » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:33 pm

I don't think Jim has it quite right. There are two separate trusts at work here. We are the Executor of one and the Trustee of the other. We are not executor of both!

The Certificate of Live Birth (CLB) creates a trust where the natural person named becomes the grantor and executor of the trust once they come of age (until then their parents or guardians are the grantors and executors). The trust is created when the CLB is signed and given to the Crown. The Birth Certificate (BC) you then receive creates a second trust where the Crown is the grantor and executor and the person named may act as the trustee IF THEY WISH TO.

The Crown is always the Executor of the STRAW MAN/Corporation/ Legal Fiction or Trust as evidenced by the BC. Nothing we can do can make us the Executor of this because it was created by the Crown and therefore belongs to them - it even has the Crown coat of arms at the top of the BC and the signature of a government agent - both of which are evidence of who owns it (remember the maxim "The creator is the owner"). We can assume the title of trustee for this fiction if we so wish - it is not compulsory or obligatory, though we are tricked into thinking it is.

We are the Executor of the entity (ourselves) documented by the CLB. It was created by our parents and is us. The CLB has our parent's signatures on it. It proves that we are live beings with inherent jurisdiction over ourselves and are liable only to the laws of the land (as sworn to and protected by the Monarch in their Coronation Oath). As this entity, the Crown has no power over us, except for what we give it willingly or are tricked into giving it.

If you go into court and claim to be the Executor of the legal fiction you will look stupid and be totally wrong. You should claim that you are either:
a) The authorised representative (or trustee) of the fiction but not the fiction itself (which is true and is evidenced by a BC), or
b) A natural person (or man/woman) of inherent jurisdiction who is not liable for any statute (this is also true and is evidenced by your CLB and your BC, because you cannot have the latter without the existence of the
former. A BC proves that a CLB exists and is filed somewhere).

what you should not do (which is what almost everyone does) is:

c) Admit to being the legal fiction (this is not true but makes the courts really happy when you think it is). Doing this makes you liable for all the statute crap they dump on your head.

Anyway, this is my understanding of the situation and I think it is more correct than Jim's. If I am wrong I would like to know!

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Re: You hold the power

Postby Walter » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:53 am

Dreadlock wrote:I don't think Jim has it quite right. There are two separate trusts at work here. We are the Executor of one and the Trustee of the other. We are not executor of both!


With all due respect you do not understand the occupation of the office of the executor.

As david Clarence states " It hasn't happened between you ears yet" your still functioning as an incompetant and your post clearly shows that you still see "them" as being the authority in your mind.

The occupation of the office of the executor is not a simple process, it's not a proceedure, it's not like any of the commercial remedies in any way. It's a state of being, it knowing who you are.

You were created in the image of God and God gave you this earth and provideed for all of you needs and it is your unalienable right live on this land and as such you are the living embodiment of Gods will. You stand directly under god. God gave you the law. essentialy no hurt harm or injury no theft, fraud or breach of the peace and be honest in you contracts.

What other mear mortal man with some notional recently created man made legal construct dare attempt to unsurp that trust?

The Birth Certificate is the legal death of your name as per the cestique via act of 1666, It's firstly a death certificate and it is sealed by the registrar, the registrar is the court of probate (see Bouvier's Law Dictionary ) and probate only deals with dead estates. In that respect it's unique as you the beneficiary are still alive. This is where their fraud begins and this is why they cannot rebut your claim to the occupation of the office of executor to rebut your occupation (and win) as that would destroy all trust and estate law globally and their law is built on solid foundations of trust and estate law. For that reason it states on the BC that its not evidence of identification or of anything else other than a record in a register however it's the only document signed by a member of the government and sent directly to you as the beneficiary, you are the only rightful title holder of that "bond" after that you sign all other legal forms, your the beneficiary and as such you are fully entitled when becoming of age to declare competancy and announce occupancy of the office of executor and administrate your own affairs to the absolute exclusion of all others. The office of executor is the highest authority under god, bar none, not the judge, not the church, not even the Queen has higher authority.

The executor asks questions (as king) and he directs (what has to be done).
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Re: You hold the power

Postby Dreadlock » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:58 am

Actually Walter, I understand perfectly well the roll of an executor and you couldn't be more wrong about the workings of my mind - it's rather presumptuous of you to suppose that you do.
Furthermore, if you can't respond to someone's post without throwing insults around then do us all a favour and refrain from posting.

I was simply putting forward my perspective, If you disagree and wish to correct what you think is an error, fine. But being arrogant and rude says far more about your state of mind than it does about mine.

Your reply has not convinced me that I am wrong. The Birth Certificate (BC) is the creation of a legal fiction belonging to the crown. To say it is "...the legal death of your name..." makes no sense prima facie. How on earth does a name die?

"It's firstly a death certificate..." I have seen a death certificate, it has a phrase stating "Date and place of death" which is not something found on a birth certificate, obviously. There is nothing on a birth certificate to indicate that anyone or anything has died.

I suggest you do some more research. Assuming you have done any.
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Re: You hold the power

Postby pitano1 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:48 am

like it or not,the system/namegame is based on occult/satanic doctrine
so the above link is bible based.

nevertheless it gives a glimpse of the craft,that creates the illusion that
enslaves us.

is the surname dead.?`or is it some kind of millstone. using your surname,you are an enemy of the state.

the pope owns your property body,and soul,and anyfucking thing else
you can mention.

rant over, :shake:
ps they say we must use our surname to act in commerce.

this in itself is an act of `WARFARE` :peace:
If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
Henry David Thoreau
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Re: You hold the power

Postby Dreadlock » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:09 pm

Thanks for the link Pitano. Very interesting and the guy pretty much confirms my understanding of what is going on, although he does it from a Christian perspective and I try to keep religion out of it.

As he says, it is all about presumption and jurisdiction. The Birth Certificate (BC) is a kind of license in that it gives us permission to work for the Crown (or whoever issued it).

The courts presume we are the legal fiction created by the Crown and that puts us in their (the Crown's) jurisdiction. Hence, we are liable for all their statutes. Again, the legal fiction belongs to them - not us. We CANNOT therefore be
the executor of the legal fiction unless the Crown appoints us as such and they do not. They allow us (in fact try and force us) to be the trustee or employee of the fiction .

In court our job is to rebut the presumption that we are the legal fiction. This takes us out of their jurisdiction and they can't force their stupid statutes on us (theoretically).

Some people do legitimately use the legal fiction, such as people claiming benefits like JSA or people using a passport (which clearly says it is the property of the government). If we use the BC then we must adhere to the rules governing its use, just as; if I lend someone my car and tell them they can't do over 50 mph in it and there is a £50 fine for doing so, then they must obey my statute or pay the fine. Which is perfectly reasonable - they always had the option not to use my car. We have the option not to use the legal fiction (theoretically).

The problem is that when the system, such as the courts, comes up against the rare person who actually knows what is going on, it attempts to force them into accepting the presumption as fact, despite their repeated rebuttals. This is where the fraud comes into play and we see the totalitarian state at work.

The only solution I can think of is to educate as many people as possible so that the system grinds to a halt. Once a million people say "No that fiction is not me, I won't pay that Council Tax without a proper contract and I won't pay that road tax because I have the right to use the public highways freely." Then and only then will things change.
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