Hello from Monacojim

Hello from Monacojim

Postby Monacojim » Wed May 19, 2010 8:33 am

Hi, I am Jim, a Brit living in Monaco (since 1996) to lower the income tax burden, have been fighting the parasites for many years, anybody remember the PT series (PT= Permanent Traveller / Previous Taxpayer, etc.) of books and the author Bill Hill? They highlighted the opportunities of offshore companies and the internet and that's the tax efficient route I went. I still have a business in the UK, mostly need it to reclaim taxes, and I fly backwards and forwards by easyjet like a bus service. I don't have a glamorous life style and the taxes I save allows me to spend a lot of time helping people stuck in the legal glue pot, so don't get the idea I am some slumming millionaire, I am working class and I've always resented authority and I am not that keen on peer pressure either come to that. (most people don't know what they are doing).
I am glad to see that the internet is playing the role of getting the awaking public educated to reclaim back their rights and to understand the thieving deception of the legal classes. My interest at present to gain access to the Treasury account that is created by our birth certificates, which makes everything we want to buy, prepaid in the public account side of life (if you don't know what I am on about Google Youtube; Mary Elizabeth Croft) all you should have to do is present your Treasury account number to have any amount set off. Cash is for the private account side of life for the living souls to exchange labour energy. Has to be this way as Governments were fooled by private bankers and went into bankruptcy and debt notes were issued in place of real money. Anyhow most people are too busy fighting their own financial and legal fires to sustain an interest to delve deeper, survival first, after all. I have two cars in the UK and I have started the de-registration process and I will post the progress or otherwise on this site FYI. I just wanted to say that with more and more people getting the message things are going to change and all for the good, well done to TPUC, Free man on the land, Creditors in UK and all the other groups too numerous to list. maybe 2012 is the end of the world for the blood suckers and we can all return to the life of peace and abundance that is ours by right. peace and harmony to all living souls, Jim
[Life, the only game where the object is to learn the rules.]
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Re: Hello from Monacojim

Postby Monacojim » Wed May 19, 2010 8:38 am

Common Law is the law of the Land, fashioned over hundreds or rather thousands of years, for a fair and free(ist) system of living. These ARE the rules of Society. England is a Common law country. So what are the basics of Common law?: All people are equal. You may not harm another or cause them loss (don't injure or damage property) You may not use fraud or mischief in your contracts. (be fair and open in your dealings). Short list and easy to remember and it covers all situations. Registered vehicles don't drive under Common law, if they did you would have to have injured someone or property before there was a crime. Everyone would be responsible for their own actions. There is no such thing as a risk free world.
What we have now is registered vehicles driving under Statute law (Statutes aren't Laws, they are rules, given the force of law, by the consent of the members). You consented and joined by registering your car and getting a License. You didn't have to, if you were not on the public road to make a profit in other words in business or commerce, but you probably didn't read the law before you applied, most of us don't. (Its OK though you can still get out from under).
Statutes are rules of a Corporation or legal fiction in Commerce, now you are in Admiralty law, the law of the Sea. The law of the Sea was bought on to the land because it makes the deceivers rich, they have the courts of the land conduct both systems of law for reasons of efficiency, they said, but by mixing the 2 systems the public can be fooled. By dreaming up huge numbers of rules, basically so you can't live without breaking some of the rules, the system can fine you and get control of you and make a huge profit from you. (When I say "you" I mean the public).
Speeding Fines aren't fines, they are actually "offers to Contract", an offer for you to pay some money, I write "No contract" across them and send them back, never hear another thing. Don't ignore them as "Silence is acceptance" in law.
People who elect to travel in their cars under Common law are not avoiding responsibility, quite the opposite, they are taking responsibility for their actions, but they have to cause an injury or loss before they can be charged and or fined. Common law rights are God given and can not be denied by Government, you can chose to exercise them or not, the choice is yours and no others.
Are we children that need to be governed to what speed to travel, because we are mentally deficient and not capable of understanding road conditions? Remember there will always be human error whether a car is under Common law or statute rules, human error can not be legislated away. Speed has not been proved to be a major factor in accidents anyway. It is all about making money & power for certain class in society.
Peace and harmony to all living souls. rgds, Jim
[Life is the only game where the object is to learn the rules]
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Re: Hello from Monacojim

Postby 1965freeman » Thu May 20, 2010 8:54 am

HI Monacojim

whilst its a pleasure to have someone so well informed joining our ranks, simply posting great long explanations of your understandings is somewhat pointless. I admire your enthusiasm but what, precisely is the point of your post?
You don't need to restate that which is posted in all the 'preamble' to this site. Veronica's book for example.

As someone with, what appears to be a vivid understanding of the current 'situation' why not, perhaps direct your energies in a more focused way...
do you have any personal experiences you could share with others, in order that they may better learn how to tackle any problems they are faced with.
i.e. you certainly talk the talk, but have you actually walked the walk?

best wishes

"Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.” (G.Apollinaire)
I do not offer legal advice, I offer common sense suggestions based on shared knowledge.
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Re: Hello from Monacojim

Postby Farmer » Thu May 20, 2010 4:37 pm

Monacojim wrote:anybody remember the PT series (PT= Permanent Traveller / Previous Taxpayer, etc.) of books and the author Bill Hill?

Hi jim, I have met Bill Hill, he is a very interesting man and way ahead of the crowd.
If you're scared of 'them' poisoning 'us' with some shit then maybe you haven't noticed the shit they are already poisoning us with.
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