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Not sure where to post this, but I found it interesting that the earliest word for work on this site states this:

Earliest Use of 'Work'
The earliest meaning of work was to describe any kind of action involving effort or exertion, "it was hard work rowing, for the wind was against him". This negative connotation has seemed to stick to work throughout the centuries. By the late 18th century work was used as a verb to mean negatively influencing or persuading someone’s will. By the early 19th century work described a criminal act or activity, and by the mid 20th century works described a drug addict’s equipment for taking drugs. In Old English work also had the meaning of fornication- a meaning that dissipated before the Middle English period.

Read more at Suite101: The Origin of the Word Work: How Work Entered the English Language | Suite101.com http://edurne-scott.suite101.com/the-origin-of-the-word-work-a85530#ixzz1dVifLwlC
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Re: 'Work'

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interesting post thanks, gonna check the site. peace and light http://timothy-lent.suite101.com/a-law-higher-than-the-law-a358255
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