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Postby Freeman Stephen » Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:01 am

just because a man cannot defend himself from constant aggression, does this mean war is not upon him. its an act of war to initiate aggression, but a matter of self defence to get a blunderbus. I'm not saying muskets at Dawn with the powers that be but only because it's clear who would win, not because it's somehow moral not to defend yourself from slavery.
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Re: lost at sea .....

Postby Prajna » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:15 pm

Stephen, I'm not suggesting what is moral or not, merely what is effective. Fighting them gets you in a fight. Fighting doesn't bring peace, it initiates a vendetta which continues until one or the other side submits. To acheive peace one has first to be at peace oneself. What we fight becomes stronger, thanks to the energy we are giving to it. When we don't fight then the other brings the fight to us; that is when we receive the energy and become stronger. Watch this dynamic at work wherever you find conflict.

Alex, we cost 'em by being stubborn bastards. With regard to their theft of the van we cost Cheshire police, Chester council, the court service, DVLA and Autolift thousands in terms of time and effort (not to mention money they spent on contracting stuff out and, most likely, bribes) just because we were a problem for them. We were camped there for months and the council's enforcement office had one wall completely covered with photos of our camp. We were visited nearly every day by the police; there were at least 4 court cases (none of which we attended but they all had to go ahead anyway), there were meetings, teleconferences, Autolift staff off sick with stress (actually, pissed and useless), more than 10 cops turned up for the eviction, a director from Autolift threatened to close the business and blame it on us.

Alex, the mistake you make is to think that we were trying to get money off them, we weren't. Rather we just delighted that our stubborn resistance cost them a fortune. We will be compensated once our court cases run their course but that isn't the point. We only want things restored to the status quo when they stopped us, so we can do it all again, and we know that this continuing process is going to cost them thousands more and cost us nothing but time and determination.

Eventually it will all become too costly for them to continue persecuting us, and that is the plan. Even if they don't stop interfering with our freedoms the tax payers will eventually do a few sums and see that the £50 per week I used to cost them as a taxpayer has ballooned into thousands. How long can the authorities go on being that stupid? We will see.

Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone is in a position to take the stand we do but things are not going to change by running away or hiding from them and you could be studying law for a very long time and writing a shitload of notices before you manage to, temporarily, catch them off guard for a moment. Instead tie them up in red tape; hold them to the standards they declare themselves to be bound by; waste their time (coz in their world time is money); turn every interaction with them into a circus (because they aren't very good at responding to creative and unexpected things); make it too time-consuming, expensive, public and embarrasing for them.

If we are all resisting every step of the way then they will end up drowned in FOI requests, complaints and court cases, crippled and unable to do anything.

Hope that clarifies things.

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Re: lost at sea .....

Postby Freeman Stephen » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:19 pm

at some point these people have to be brought to justice and they will not come quietly. its all very well saying "peace peace ghandi peace" but it doesn't make the jackboot on your neck non violent.

do unto others is a great law to uphold for those who keep it, but for those who don't, they do insist on having debts repaid.

I recognise that adversity can make an enemy stronger but it can also render them as ineffective enemies and create situations where they might behave in non aggressive ways where freindships can be born.

if someone steals my stuff, I will defend it from them or steal it back. . . if I can. its not the uniform or fancy bits of paper that stop me tackling some thieves, its that I know I don't have the ability to defend myself from some thiefs.
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Re: lost at sea .....

Postby treeman » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:40 pm

For those that wish to venture http://freetheplanet.net/articles/74/cestui-que-vie-act-1666

1666 CHAPTER 11 18_and_19_Cha_2

An Act for Redresse of Inconveniencies by want of Proofe of the Deceases of Persons beyond the Seas or absenting themselves, upon whose Lives Estates doe depend.

X1Recital that Cestui que vies have gone beyond Sea, and that Reversioners cannot find out whether they are alive or dead.

Whereas diverse Lords of Mannours and others have granted Estates by Lease for one or more life or lives, or else for yeares determinable upon one or more life or lives And it hath often happened that such person or persons for whose life or lives such Estates have beene granted have gone beyond the Seas or soe absented themselves for many yeares that the Lessors and Reversioners cannot finde out whether such person or persons be alive or dead by reason whereof such Lessors and Reversioners have beene held out of possession of their Tenements for many yeares after all the lives upon which such Estates depend are dead in regard that the Lessors and Reversioners when they have brought Actions for the recovery of their Tenements have beene putt upon it to prove the death of their Tennants when it is almost impossible for them to discover the same, For remedy of which mischeife soe frequently happening to such Lessors or Reversioners.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Short title “The Cestui que Vie Act 1666” given by Statute Law Revision Act 1948 (c. 62), Sch. 2

C2Preamble omitted in part under authority of Statute Law Revision Act 1948 (c. 62), Sch. 1

C3Certain words of enactment repealed by Statute Law Revision Act 1888 (c. 3) and remainder omitted under authority of Statute Law Revision Act 1948 (c. 62), s. 3
Editorial Information

X1Abbreviations or contractions in the original form of this Act have been expanded into modern lettering in the text set out above and below.I.

Cestui que vie remaining beyond Sea for Seven Years together and no Proof of their Lives, Judge in Action to direct a Verdict as though Cestui que vie were dead.
If such person or persons for whose life or lives such Estates have beene or shall be granted as aforesaid shall remaine beyond the Seas or elsewhere absent themselves in this Realme by the space of seaven yeares together and noe sufficient and evident proofe be made of the lives of such person or persons respectively in any Action commenced for recovery of such Tenements by the Lessors or Reversioners in every such case the person or persons upon whose life or lives such Estate depended shall be accounted as naturally dead, And in every Action brought for the recovery of the said Tenements by the Lessors or Reversioners their Heires or Assignes, the Judges before whom such Action shall be brought shall direct the Jury to give their Verdict as if the person soe remaining beyond the Seas or otherwise absenting himselfe were dead….

IV.If the supposed dead Man prove to be alive, then the Title is revested. Action for mean Profits with Interest.

IV. [ X2 Provided alwayes That if any person or [ X3 person or] persons shall be evicted out of any Lands or Tenements by vertue of this Act, and afterwards if such person or persons upon whose life or lives such Estate or Estates depend shall returne againe from beyond the Seas, or shall on proofe in any Action to be brought for recovery of the same [ X3 to] be made appeare to be liveing; or to have beene liveing at the time of the Eviction That then and from thenceforth the Tennant or Lessee who was outed of the same his or their Executors Administrators or Assignes shall or may reenter repossesse have hold and enjoy the said Lands or Tenements in his or their former Estate for and dureing the Life or Lives or soe long terme as the said person or persons upon whose Life or Lives the said Estate or Estates depend shall be liveing, and alsoe shall upon Action or Actions to be brought by him or them against the Lessors Reversioners or Tennants in possession or other persons respectively which since the time of the said Eviction received the Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements recover for damages the full Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements respectively with lawfull Interest for and from the time that he or they were outed of the said Lands or Tenements, and kepte or held out of the same by the said Lessors Reversioners Tennants or other persons who after the said Eviction received the Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements or any of them respectively as well in the case when the said person or persons upon whose Life or Lives such Estate or Estates did depend are or shall be dead at the time of bringing of the said Action or Actions as if the said person or persons where then liveing.]

© Crown copyright 2002 – 2008

Cestui Que Vie Act
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