FOI - Foreign Motor vehicle Registrations

Re: FOI - Foreign Motor vehicle Registrations

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:11 pm

Ditto :grin:
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Re: FOI - Foreign Motor vehicle Registrations

Postby Farmer » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:49 pm

Thanks for the link. I have read half and had to stop because it was driving me nuts. I shall read the rest tomorrow.

I shall be posting some mp3's on the weekend where the discussion centers around a hidden lien on the US federal reserve note as it is the product of the Federal Reserve. What this means is that everything that is bought using those notes does not belong to you. Basically, what happened in the US is that at the end of the civel war the blacks slaves became property of the United States, which is a corporation and where granted privaliges by then becoming 14th amendment citizens. In 1933 with the confiscation of gold from the whites in return for the federal reserve notes, they too became the property of the United States as they now no longer owned anything outright, meaning the gold. This then merged common law with commercial law under admiralty, meaning that the US was no longer a common law jurisdiction. The recordings should give some clues as to what may have happened in the UK. I have already started a FOI request for some info about this.

Jurisdiction of the currency

EDIT: I have posted the recordings: Here
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