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Postby sl23 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:11 pm

WPSOffice (formerly KingSoft Office) free is my favoured solution. It claims to be the most compatible with MS documents and as far as I can tell, it seems to be. But... I am not a major office doc producer or viewer so this claim of mine may be premature. That said, I have tried other office apps LibreOffice, OpenOffice, AshampooOffice, even tried every free word processor available, none are as comprehensive or work as good as WPSOffice.

I have opened doc's with each office suite:
OpenOffice and LibreOffice take an aeon to load the first time your PC is powered up, for me that's not worth the effort, mainly because I rarely use office suite's for anything.
AshampooOffice is a fast starting app but seems to have issues with certain aspects of formatting correctly. It doesn't show doc's correctly sometimes and the BulletPoints wouldn't work correctly in a table when used in the second column.
WPSOffice is the only app that has shown all types of doc's without a hitch and even created my own without issues of any kind. Hence it being my faourite.

Just thought I'd add my experience in the hope it may benefit someone else :wink:
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