The Touch of the Masters Hand

Re: The Touch of the Masters Hand

Postby treeman » Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:48 pm

jobsaboba wrote:No it is not mine, i heard it first in 1980, just thought it would be nice to share it :love:


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Re: The Touch of the Masters Hand

Postby jobsaboba » Sun May 01, 2011 7:36 am

Heres one i did write years ago lol.... its called gold bars and straw.

One carried gold bars,
the other had straw,
as they finished their days,
and left by the door.

They headed for heaven,
through the tortuous sun,
the journey quite tricky,
no time for much fun.

The one with the gold,
found progress was slow,
for its weight was a burden,
there was so far to go.

The man with the straw,
had an easier walk,
the straw was so light,
that he found time to talk.

But the man with the gold,
he had fallen behind,
and he heard not the words,
of the other mans kind.

Straw man found water,
in a well that was deep,
and he drank with the straws,
till he fell into sleep.

Now the man with the gold,
stumbled too on the well,
but the water was low,
and he just couldn't tell.

His thirst now was mighty,
the gold he would sell,
but theres no buyers in heaven,
so he threw it all in the well.

One by one he threw them in,
and the tears rolled down his face,
all that he had worked for,
meant nothing in this place.

As he threw in the last bar,
the burden it had gone,
the water it had risen,
now he too could carry on.

And although the other rested,
they finished hand in hand,
for ALL learn lessons differently,
that ALL may understand.

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