Postby jobsaboba » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:59 am

There is this theory floating around our world today, the theory of LACK.

It says that there are finite resources on this planet. There is not enough for everyone and thus we must struggle with one another and compete for what there is not enough of.

Who gets the resources? Why, the strongest of course! It’s survival of the fittest, a natural by product of evolution. “It’s how things work!”

This is the way things work when people are cut off from their true source within and are trapped in pure egoic consciousness.

The mind of the ego can be likened to an animalistic mind, just purely survival and reproduction based. It can not see beyond itself, beyond physicality. Thus it sees only what it has and recognizes that sometimes what it wants is here, but other times it’s not.

So what it wants is limited and since other people are also trying to take what it wants, it must compete with others for what it wants.

This is the current state of many people in this planet, particularly where we see the strong elite dominating the majority of people who live in poverty and lack.

The reason this mentality is able to thrive is because people have cut themselves off from the inherent source of creation which allows them to create MORE of that which they want.

Grow more food, create more money, share with people more freely, give what you have extra of, even give what seems to be lacking because you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you abide in abundance and there is ALWAYS more where that came from.

There is always more where that came from.
You see, as more people start raising their consciousness by connecting to the Source of All That Is (and thus entering the kingdom of God), they will begin to realize, both intellectually and experientially, their own inherent powers of Creation.

People will begin to further develop their skills of manifestation, of being able to create something out of thin air!

Isn’t that what growing food is all about? You nourish plants and animals, give them food, water, sunlight, a healthy atmosphere, and food is created from the loving ingredients of Source.

Same thing with everything else. When we nourish certain mindsets, beliefs, and understandings in the right way, we allow them to flourish.

We welcome views of abundance and act upon these states of being and thus make them real here on earth.

Evolution is not just about the strongest surviving. Evolution also entails continual expansion, growth, becoming MORE! That’s what Creation is all about. It’s about becoming more, about experiencing more, about having more, about appreciating more, about loving more, about sharing more.

Not because you’re trying to gain more in order have more and hopefully fill a void within.

Quite the opposite. It’s because you BECOME more that you then experiencing HAVING more, more abundance, more love, more unity, more peace.

So it truly comes down to us becoming more as people and raising our levels of consciousness to being open to abundance, open to all having enough to survive, and open to building the underlying foundation which allows each and every one of us to not only survive, but to THRIVE!

Abundance, Abundance, Abundance. That’s what it’s all about.

We must choose it for ourselves. It is totally up to us. Your abundance is totally up to you.

As you begin to acknowledge the Source of Creation within you, call it God, Existence, Christ, Allah, Spirit, Consciousness, whatever you wish… as you acknowledge that all Creation flows through us and ultimately IS us, you’ll find that you truly ARE the source of All Creation.

Jobs :love:
I am not wise......I am otherwise !

its not my banking system... and i dont take credit for it !!
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Re: Abundance

Postby Jim » Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:51 pm

Nice post, Jobs. Echos of Kymatica.


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Re: Abundance

Postby ellie12022 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:59 pm

absolutely, it's amazing how things can change when you don't operate out of fear, and it's quite a challenge to be aware of noticing when you start to get in the 'don't have enough' mindset.

Have just been given a copy of the book by Masaru emoto(?), the pictures in there are incredible - how water can be affected by our intent towards it. What i found particularly interesting was how the word for 'thank you' in different languages produces different results

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Re: Abundance

Postby monkeyman » Thu May 05, 2011 6:04 pm

a lovely read and thank you
I'm still taking baby steps with the walk of such talk
but finding success in random events and chance meetings

Sometimes on realising, I experience a child like burst of wonder and excitement
that continues to drip feed for from hours to sometimes daze :grin:

A recent find for me, through a friend, was Gregg Braden
I very much like his presented perspectives on many related subjects, one of which was on abundance
hence the reference


this is a 10min taster on consciousness by Gregg Braden

:love: n :sun:

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it's the intent with which you do it......
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Re: Abundance

Postby jobsaboba » Thu May 12, 2011 4:45 pm

nice call monkeyman,

bashar on youtube is also pretty cool

jobs :love:
I am not wise......I am otherwise !

its not my banking system... and i dont take credit for it !!
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