The sounds you hear on the wind

The sounds you hear on the wind

Postby pedawson » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:29 pm

The sounds you hear on the wind are the voices of our ancestors still telling us how to sing and make the music that was given to us by the bird nation. The songs of our people will never be lost as long as we sit and listen to the wind. When we need a medicine song we only have to offer tobacco and listen. Soon the wind will whisper the song we need for healing or for helping the people.

Later from the grouse and the woodpecker, we learned to make the drum, and from the woodpecker we also were given the flute. Rattlesnake gave us the medicine of his rattle to scare away the bad Tokas (spirits). From many animals and creatures, we were given all the things we now take for granted.

The Standing Nation (trees) is still here to carry the voices in their branches of the ancient ones as they tell us their story and teach us their songs.

We are told that all the earth that is ever going to be is here, on this what we call Mother Earth. All the water is here and just recycles in this bubble around the Earth Mother. All the air is here and is recycled from oxygen to carbon dioxide in this bubble. Without these things there can be no life, on this, our Mother. As for the wind, it is also here and circles around the Earth Mother, cooling her and heating her in the seasons. In this wind there is all the sound that ever was and ever will be on this Earth Mother. The wind is carrying the voices of our ancestors so we will never forget who we are, and where we came from.

Sometimes I can go and stand on a hill when the wind is blowing and hear the sound or the ancient ones playing instruments that I do not know. The sound is so sweet that it fills me with wonder and peace. Bells and flutes, horns of birch bark, rattles, drums — all of these are in the wind that flows around this sweet Earth Mother. Ocean waves are in the sound as they crash on the shores. The voices of the animals and people and birds are here in the wind. All the music until now is in the wind. The sounds of people in laughter and in pain are in the wind. All the sounds of war and destruction are also in the wind.

All of my relation's voices are carried in the sound of the wind from all the places of the Earth, making one band singing and playing in harmony. So I am never alone and I am always with my people. The wind sings the songs of our people, all of our people, in one voice, in one song for peace.

Namaste, rev;
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Re: The sounds you hear on the wind

Postby squark » Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:27 am

Tom Bearden writes about electro magnetic theory. His theory is confirmed by experiment. He can tap the vibration of the cosmos and convert it to usable electricity.

The theories he has expanded upon include those of E F Whittaker. The Whittaker science says that, even light falling on an object and then interacting with another thing, leaves a print of what the first object was experiencing within the second thing.
A sound echoing through a forest is imprinted on every tree that can hear it. This imprint, a tiny wave of energy, is absorbed by that trees atoms and is there forever. The wave effect is tiny, but never zero.

I read about David Hudson Cotton Farmer, he has discovered platinum group metals in his farm soil in Arizona. They are in a newly disovered form. This form of matter is said to super-conduct electricity. That is it conducts electricity with NO resistance. So ANY electrical wave can flow in this material forever, it never runs flat. The material is so sensitive to electric waves that it will detect a wave with a magnetic effect of 0.0000000000000000000000000001 the magnetism of the earth. Thats 27 zeros.
It can see a star on the farthest side of the universe twinkle. Similarly it would detect the enfolded Whittaker structure created by Robin Hoods Arrow hitting the ground in 1550, to this day.

Time IS recorded. We CAN detect it EVEN NOW back to God Knows When. Because the VIBE never dies! That's the cutting edge folks.
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