Scottish Sheriff Court Jurisdiction

Scottish Sheriff Court Jurisdiction

Postby shemayah » Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:28 pm

Found something quite interesting under Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1907 (c. 51)

Section 4

F14 JurisdictionThe jurisdiction of the [F2sheriffs principal], within their respective sheriffdoms shall extend to and include all navigable rivers, ports, harbours, creeks, shores, and anchoring grounds in or adjoining such sheriffdoms. And the powers and jurisdictions formerly competent to the High Court of Admiralty in Scotland in all maritime causes and proceedings, civil and criminal, including such as may apply to persons furth of Scotland, shall be competent to the [F2sheriffs principal], provided the defender shall upon any legal ground of jurisdiction be amenable to the jurisdiction of the [F2sheriff principal] before whom such cause or proceeding may be raised, and provided also that it shall not be competent to the [F2sheriffs principal] to try any crime committed on the seas which it would not be competent for him to try if the crime had been committed on land; Provided always that where sheriffdoms are separated by a river, firth, or estuary, the [F2sheriffs principal] on either side shall have concurrent jurisdictions over the intervening space occupied by water.]
Amendments (Textual)
F1S. 4 repealed so far as relating to criminal proceedings by Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1975 (c. 21), Sch. 10 Pt. I; extended by Hovercraft Act 1968 (c. 59), s. 2

F2Words substituted by virtue of Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971 (c. 58), s. 4
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