Invited to Court - HELP!

Re: Invited to Court - HELP!

Postby strawmansarah » Thu May 13, 2010 11:37 am

emerald & Chalkie

This is not a forum to give advice on statute. Therefore I cannot give you that advice.

However, I'm flattered that you think I may be of some use to anyone!

if you do wish to PM me with contact info (landline or skype) I will help if I can, but please remember this is lay advice and is not 'guaranteed' to give the outcome you want. If we had courts of LAW (just a matter of time, now) it WOULD be guaranteed advice, but we are deling with mobsters demanding money with menaces and they dishonour the lawful, and even the legal processes all the time. All they see are £££ signs, not humans....

I'm in S Devon, so if you can pop on down one day (soon) for a brainstorm, I'd be happy to spend a couple of hours with you to discuss options as well.

Be brave. :hug:

I'm off out for a birthday celebratory lunch now. Yum... :giggle: but will check for PMs when I get back.

CIA/police: the key's in the usual place (on my keyring, with me); please secure the doors when you've finished, I'll be back about 3pm. Please don't shoot the dog, he's old and friendly and arthritic. Thank you.
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Re: Invited to Court - HELP!

Postby emerald city » Fri May 14, 2010 6:11 am

To: strawmansarah:
Thanks for that posting, sorry we are not trying to flatter anyone, just trying to get some answers.
Although chaliex may p.m. you, the problem for her, as I see it, (and myself) is that she needs those answers to her queries now. HOW TO CONTENT THEIR JURISDICTION. There simply is not the time to get into lengthly debate, at this moment.

This one piece of information is CRUCIAL to anyone awaiting their summonds or invitations.

I think everyone putting their "advice only" warning is surely enough, we can make our own decisions once the advice is given. I think, understandably that posters do worry on that score.

To:chalkiex: ** When is your hearing, can you take witnesses and a phone camera. Let me know if you find out about whether you have to "step inside" their "court" room. Why can't you say what you have to say (not answer their questions) outside of that place ????
All the discussion with no responses a lot of the time, does tend to weaken you but keep it up. Be stronger than them cos you are standing for your particular freedoms and let's hope that kindly poster will give is the "advice" we are desparately seeking. :ouch:
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Re: Invited to Court - HELP!

Postby emerald city » Fri May 14, 2010 6:15 am

To: chalkiex

Just going to link up to The Court System, at the bottom of your posting page: See if I can find some clear pointers. If you do the same, perhaps it will help. Good luck :clap:
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Re: Invited to Court - HELP!

Postby chalkiex » Sat May 15, 2010 12:10 pm


Thanks for the input folks...

I have now received yet another court date... Monday 14th June at 2pm...

Where do I go from here?

1. Don't even turn up... not my favourite option...
2. Turn up and use the statutes, explain that CL Finance never supplied all ofthe documentation requested therefore they have dishonoured themselves, no contract etc
3. Turn up, put the mag on his/her oath staright away and see what falls from the tree...

As I see it, these are my choices... I just don't know which way to go... I'm going to be seriusly pissed if I lose this as I think that would seal it for me that there is no way of beating the system...
The problem is that no one seems to be able to say yes I did it and it worked fine... or I did it and this is the method you need to use... there doesn't seem to be any structure to it, no hard and fast rules, like a decision tree that takes you down a route of possible letters and responses based on what you get back, if the courts are using a particular system, surely collectively we should be able to work it out... sitting at home waiting for the bailiffs is just not an option for me.

I'll keep you posted...

@strawmansarah I'll PM you on Monday evening (after 6) if that's ok, maybe we can do a skype chat or something.

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