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Postby emerald city » Mon May 17, 2010 3:14 pm

To: Freeman-B

Thank you for your very detailed post and for your help try to clarify. Much appreciated. "for the record" :giggle:
I have been trying to get out of my problem since Dec. 09. Notices etc. etc.... of course this all comes to nothing, but the court jurisdiction is obviously the best route of all. I think Chalkiex and I, both feel that the comments and posts do tend to give conflicting views, with respect. Also one point I did make and you overlooked: Yes I know how to challenge them in court, I only wanted to know if I have to go into the courtroom to do that. I would think not, but could be wrong. Your comment on this welcome. I shall put the mag. on oath, he will not be or make a lot of noise, but what would you suggest the next statement from me should be. I shall be claiming Com.Law.Jurs. of course and shall refuse to respond to any request whatsoever.
We have learnt a lot from this site, but without anyone giving "advice" - understood, :yes: something along the lines of " This is what I would do next, but you must make your own decision....." is what we crave.
Hope you read this also Chalkiex. Thanks again Freeman-B. :yes:
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