Clerk/magistrate changed plea & defendant. FRAUD?any ideas?

Re: Clerk/magistrate changed plea & defendant. FRAUD?any ideas?

Postby Kev.Cornwall » Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:53 am

my bad prajna, sorry all, wasnt aware of that... just figured it might be of use to someone.. cheers
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Re: Clerk/magistrate changed plea & defendant. FRAUD?any ideas?

Postby idmolcom » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:53 pm

Kev.Cornwall wrote:Hi all, hoping a few of you further along the path can help me out here.. reckon this could potentially be a big one..
the Legal Fiction similarly named to me was invited into truro magistrates recently (statutes enforced without consent while traveling in my private conveyance, no contract etc), i conditionally accepted as 3rd party representative, claimed commonlaw jurisdiction, went in and was given the offer of getting it over with by pleading guilty, obviously i declined and mentioned no law was broken, then when asked how i plead guilty/not i replied NON ASSUMPSIT, Clerk took it upon himself then to instead enter 'not guilty'... THAT ISNT WHAT I SAID, AND DOESNT SOUND ANYTHING LIKE IT... (im big enough and ugly enough to admit i dont know it all, so just kept quiet and let em make their own choices figuring ill think next step thru when i get home) they thought over all the stuff id pointed out to them, and decided eventully to set another date in two monts time to give themselves time to figure it out, as far as im concerened i left THE DEFENDANT in their care (as id identified to clerk earlier that i'd bought with me the defendant and handed him over-a copy of the birth certificate) I told them that if i return it will again be under common law jurisdiction and i will be expecting to see the oaths of all magistrates and policymen present, obviously im not keen to hang about there any longer, as this was my first real dip of my toes into the waters of taking on the court system, so i wished them all a nice day and off i scuttled (after stopping at reception to serve them a bill for my attendance) when i actually looked at the papers properly (i declined to sign for them) they had changed the defendant from the fictional KEVIN --- to myself kevin of the --- family, HOLD ON, I DIDNT AT ANY POINT AGREE TO SWAP PLACES WITH THE FICTION OR TO BE ASSUMED TO BE 'THE DEFENDANT' surely something else very deceptive has happened here, and most certainly not agreed to by me (to every 'do you understand' i replied i comprehend, asked magistrate one time 'by the way, when you say understand to you mean understand as in comprehend, or understand as in stand under?'..he begrudigingly said-comprehend) surely changing their assumed defendant from the PERSON summoned to that persons reprsentative without even mentioning it is a prety big issue?... got to admit im a bit overloaded with it all at the moment, and would really appreciate a few suggestions as to how to play this now.. (need to take a day to chill out first before diving back in methinks) peace to all, and appreciation for the wisdom so many of you share... Kev

Hey Kev ,

Reading your post and your no plea does not work in any criminal Court.
If you plead non assumpsit, the clerk is entitled to put you as pleading
not guilty.

Far too many people are trying all sorts of ways not to contract and in
the process getting shafted.

There are just 2 things you can say when you are asked who you are when
you enter the court.
1) Their first question to you is invariably "What is your name?"
2) The next is "how do you plead?"

If you have gone past the first question then you are starting to get into
murky waters, as you have not given the correct answer.

The correct answer to that question is " I AM THE CHAIRMAN AND CEO OF
THAT CORPORATION!" Loud and clear on and for the record.

That answer literally fucks them up.

Generally the CPS will open his palms up to the bench and leave promptly.
He does not want to know.
Why the palms up you ask? Well open palms shown to the judge means he
has clean hands and wants nothing more to do with the case, the judge is
left holding a very hideous baby from his point of view.

He the judge is now between a rock and a hard place and has to watch his
P's and Q's else he is in very deep shit. Most often they dismiss the case as
the CPS has buggered off. So there is no charge for you to answer.

If they harangue you and you get to the second question, repeat the same
answer as in Q1. QED .

Game set and match 3-0- you are the champion of the court that day.

Go home and do what you would normally do and enjoy.

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice. Take the answer you see
before you as entertaining and for education purposes only.
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