Magistrates issue warrant to "The Occupier" / no name???

Magistrates issue warrant to "The Occupier" / no name???

Postby FreeMuslimOnTheLand » Sat May 07, 2011 8:56 pm

Hi Guys,

In February ignored responding to a letter by a company calling itself "Electricity Northwest".

This company is not my electricity supplier. I made a general enquiry call about their letters to "The Occupier".

I told them they were not my electric company, but they then claimed they represented the electric companies.

I asked if their people who come out identify themselves and can prove they are sent by MY electric company.

She was dumb founded as they did not. I told her the fact that they could not prove anything, that the letter where the person was supposed to write the "customer number" was blank and it was issued to The Occupier when the electric company has the bill payers name; therefore I can't allow just anyone to enter the property.

Last week they sent a letter to "The Occupier" with Court dates at the local MAGISTRATES to apply for a Magistrates Warrant to enter the property (by force if necessary).

They would rely on Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954, Electricity Act 1989, and the Utilities Act 2000.

I have a friend at the County Court who says they (Magistrates) should not issue a warrant without my name, but Magistrates can't be trusted and they can expediently issue anything without thinking about the consequences.

Made another call to Electricity Northwest pointing out all the discrepancies again, and they said personal details are never passed onto them, they don't care who is in the property as it is not their concern, 'our only interest is to get into the property'. I was told to argue it in Court and thats the best they could advise.

Any advice would be welcomed.

Is this their game, not having to prove anything and just bust into the house?

(Just to add, its to check the safety of meter, everything is pre-paid and up to date)
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