court tuesday urgent help please

court tuesday urgent help please

Postby mickstanley » Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:08 am

hi i come to you from get out of debt free 1 months now corresponded with veronica ,im having a tussle with the tax and doing okay/ i havnt half fucked them about / they are a little perplexed /quote michael of bernicia/
now the help i could do with
ive had a stat demand and now a summonds by post /they couldnt track me down by a third party interloper which ive screamed about ,so adjudicator has guarenteed me a contact from hmrc a pleasent woman on the surface who i had two conversations with on thursday dissscussing my options .
then friday three calls of a guy on the answering machine who spoke quiet fast stating mrs millards had to go away for a few days would i ring him ,bet hes a btc hotshot trying to get me to verbally contract me into something .
im going to ring millard first thing then straight after phone this guy and let him lie and try to get me to contract me taped of course ?you tube here he comes ill be posting a link to it when i play the card
ive been having some fun with them its complicated ill post story when its over
tax are trying to make me bancrupt for not filling in returns 48k however hey have hinted at giving me
overpaid back they are so tricky if i fill returns
question will stat demand and summonds which were posted stand in court
the sneaky rats even wrote on the envelope signed for which it was definatley not
thoughts please kind regards mickstanley
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