How To Deal With County Courts

How To Deal With County Courts

Postby idmolcom » Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:09 am

Hi Folks,

A friend and neighbour of mine asked me to help out with his summons
to the County Court.

A bailiff pitched up at his home on the 1st of April 2011 with an invitation
to attend the County Court. He was told it was to be on Monday 4th April.

As I was asked to go by him I said I would accept the kind invitation that he

We went to the court as invited on the 4th and found that the case was not
listed. We were told to go to the admin centre of the court on the 1st Floor.
This, we did and asked who wanted us at their party so early in the day. It
Was 10:30 a.m., I am normally in bed at that time, as I do not generally rise
till let’s say after 2:30 pm every day. Oh the life of luxury! Space age bed
all appropriate electronics to hand, it is a blessed life. Sorry I digress.

We were asked to go into an interview cubicle which is no larger than a
broom cupboard. Just remember my friend and I are not exactly small
guys. I am round 16st and he around 19.5st. When we entered and sat
down I thought this is fun we are going to play the game sardines, how
splendid! We come to the party to play sardines.

Anyway we were greeted by a young man called Gareth Fiddler. He said
We were not due into court till the 4th of June, however as we were there
we might as well do what we came to do. He said he was required to ask
my friend questions regarding his finances. I said there was no finances to
be discussed as there was no bill as such bill was already paid.

I explained that under the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 my friend had accepted
For value and returned for same and they had 21 days to rebut such payment.
As they had possession of it for over 6months no rebuttal it was deemed to
have been paid by the exchequer and the balance was at zero. That was it.

Gareth Fiddler understood the process and agreed that the bill was indeed paid,
and was happy for us to leave without answering any further questions. What a
pleasure to deal with someone who knew what we were talking about.

We then telephoned him on the 4th of June and asked if it was necessary to appear
in court that day his answer was no. However he will be speaking with the judge
and if needed another date would be set. I hung up the phone quite happy that
there was no further action. Result!!!

Well shiver me timbers, the same bailiff appeared at my friends home on the 21st
July and handed over another invitation. This was another invitation for the 27th
July. He brought me the invitation and I rang Gareth Fiddler who said he thought it
was all over and done with, and could not understand why it had surfaced again.

Well we pitched upon the 27th July and made our way to the reception area and
asked for Gareth Fiddler, he was away on a course. I don’t think he wanted to see
us again.

Anyway we were met Rebecca Logar aged roughly mid-twenties, who was their ace
interrogator. She started asking a couple of questions like who I was etc. I responded
in my usual style, and asked what had she to do with us being there. She retorted “
I need to question your client”.

I asked why? To which I had the reply I ask the questions not you. Hmmm A feisty little
chicken, I am going to love this.

Not in my court was my response that had her flabbers aghasted. She calmed down a bit

I said I need the original court filings and original judgement before any further questions
would be answered. I requested that the documents needed to have a raised seal and wet
ink signature together with the judges name who decreed this judgement. She got up,
said just a minute and left. Pity I was just getting warmed up.

A few minutes passed when the door to the broom cupboard opened, well blow me down
and tickle my tum, at the opened door there stood an alien. Rebecca Logar was no more.
I thought she had shape shifted into a large 50 something. I thought that the terror of
seeing me was her reason for the shape shift.

Anyway this 50 something shape shifter was asked her name, which turned out to be a
certain June Logue. She sat down, I am sure the earth moved, no it did not, I am an idiot,
it was my mate who farted. Very efficiently she started to ask questions, which was odd
because the question I asked prior to her arrival was never answered. I then said I want
the original summons and judgement documents together with the judges name and

She stood up and said just a minute and walked out of the broom cupboard. Being a sort of
Inquisitive guy, I walked to the reception area with mate in tow and she had been beamed
away, there was no sign she ever was there.

Out of the back where the generals sit and plot, came a leggy blonde 30 something. Things
were looking up a decent shape shift had transpired. WTG life is good. Blonde blue and leggy,
very sassy and cute in attitude too. This one was called Nicola Nixon. She had in her hands
some information which I assumed correctly to be some court papers. However they were not
the court papers I requested, they were facsimiles, pretend papers and garbage. I stated that
these were not good enough as I had requested the original filings with the original judgement
and the judge’s name and signature.

We discussed the circular stamp mark which she alluded to as a seal and I said it was a post
office stamp and nothing better. Where were the judges’ name and his signature? There isn’t
any was her retort. I then asked who made the judgement, and what was his /her name together
with an, embossed seal and signature.

Well roll me over and tickle my tum, she said she was the one who made the summons and
Judgement. I asked under what authority she did that.

Her reply was under the White Book. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather and
then tickled my tum again. For those of you who do not know what the white book is, it is the civil
procedures manual used in courts. The publishers’ definition is as follows: “The White Book 2011
is the all-encompassing civil procedure solution, giving you everything you need to practice to your
optimum potential, whether in the county courts, High Court or Court of Appeal”.

Ok I know that it was for use of the slimy solicitors, arrogant bastards and corrupt judges, but not for
peons of the court. However before leaving I put the blonde shape shifting Nicola Nixon I put her on her
full commercial liability under penalty of perjury etc. informing her that a commercial lien was on its way
to her.

She smiled and said “I look forward to it”. Wow I thought that sounds good to me I had date. Well I am
progressing it for £15,000 only. However the rub is there is going to be 4 times the original sum for
damages, and then there are going to be punitive damages 200 – 800 times the original amount.

Well I went home and decided to call the law Society of England and Wales to see if “blondie” was on their
roll of rogues. Then I called the BAR registry and asked if she was on their roll of criminals. Well, shock,
horror I was aghast to find she was not listed with either of these high level crooks and cowmen. It would
have been much sweeter if she was. I do enjoy doing battle with these morons.

So now armed with the information that she was a newly self-appointed judge and the real one was away
playing golf or as his choicest lap dance club or worse, she was taking his place. What an exceptionally
brilliant job to have, assign all of your cases to the nearest shape shifting peon and fuck off to the golf club
or lap dance lounge, like Larry the Lounge Lizard, those of a certain age may remember the computer game,
or perhaps even worse. I shudder to think.

Well she was the judge, and why not I?

So I decided to make myself a judge just like she had, except I did not have to change shape. That was a
relief, PHEW!

I now set about my judgelike duties and issued them with my judgement. Well the judgement is in the attachment,
below. My buddy is taking the declatory judgement for the post office to deliver the judgement in a timely manner.

Well you have seen some of the ways to deal with the court officials. This is not definitive but I use it as it is part of
my personality. So if you try these things you are at your own risk, if you fail to do research. Today we have the best
research facilities like the internet. This is a magical device don’t let it pass you by.

I trust you will really to learn to research and study the principles spoken about. There is no easy way ‘cos if there were
an easy way the whole world would beat a path to your door. You have the opportunity. Shakespeare defines opportunity
very aptly in the play Julius Caesar spoken by Brutus: There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we
now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures. : Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224.

I trust this has been informational and amusing for you to read. Till the next time, I wish you every success in all of your
endeavors. It has been a pleasure serving you.

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Re: How To Deal With County Courts

Postby Dipsy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:14 pm

Very good! But what i would do is contract with the Chief of Crown Prosecution Services for your area. Its the crown that brings charges before a court as they presume you are NOT in authority. You know there is a trust arrangement going on in court where the Crown is the beneficiary. They are always there as they want the money. The judge is the Administrator and your are the TRUSTEE. You must change this presumption arrangement in writing as you are the man with unlimited liability and therefore hold the highest authority just below God. Fire off a negative averment to the Chief of CPS and see if he is able to rebut your claim as a man with unlimited liability and YOU actually hold the office of Administrator and beneficiary for your legal fiction name and you can settle ALL debts and disputes both PUBLIC and PRIVATE. Now in court everyone else is a trustee and you are the JUDGE!

Affix a nice fee schedule to the bottom of your notices for breach of these conditions for any violations including traffic offences for £100,000 per breach of basically anything. Now anything happens bringing you to court for anything you file this paperwork in the public side of the court and they KNOW who is boss! How is any court going to get around this when you have a contract in place with the CPS? I pretty much guarantee you file this prior to any hearing the entire court will be closed the day of the hearing LOL

I forgot to mention after reading your document is you must be careful not to become a dictator or self appointed anything without an agreement. An agreement must be formed as unrebutted form and then and only then it becomes a fact. This is why when people go to court and shout "i am a man and i stand under common law blah blah blah" really? Did you make a prior agreement with anyone prior to going to court so your standing is now a public FACT?? No amount of shouting will change the presumption you are a trustee bound by the statutes and the judge and magistrates are still in the seat of power UNTIL you correct and reseat your position of power and ultimate authority! A magistrates or traffic court has no ears they cannot hear a thing you say in court. This is why they don't care if you turn up or not your going to be fined. All they have is a charge sheet and a look up table to affix a fine. Nothing else you say or do matters. Its not a court of public record unless you file your standing as a public record.

This is why the most successful Freeman all have existing contracts in place with fee schedules. Then they pay no income or property tax and drive with no license or plates etc.
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Re: How To Deal With County Courts

Postby idmolcom » Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:47 pm

Very good! But what i would do is contract with the Chief of Crown Prosecution Services for your area.......

Hi Dipsy!

Thanks for the very good information you have been doing your
homework and research. I guess you have contracted with the
CPS yourself already?

When I enter the court, they already know I am there and the
moment I open my mouth the case is abandoned.

BTW the CPS have nothing to do with the County Court, they
deal with criminal matters. The Civil Matters bench is really
completely different. So the CPS has no jurisdiction in those

I have already represented several people in the senior courts
of the land.

I have been in the Court of Protection in London, and the
Barrister questioned the judge as to who I am and why I have
audience in that court.

The judge replied it is because I was entitled to have the
audience and the matter was swiftly dropped. To this day
I bet the barrister is wondering who I am.

However you are totally and completely right in your opening
remarks of the message. It is an interesting article on the
whole and would be very enlightening to those newbies who
read it.

Thanks again , Keep up the good work.

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