Advice needed for upcoming Court Case

Advice needed for upcoming Court Case

Postby Goddelusion » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:44 pm

Hi all. I have been summoned to Court for non payment of aliabilty order that was granted for 9k by the CSA 2 years ago for arrears. The arrears are from 2005 and earlier which are bollocks and I have the data protection files to prove this. I recently passed my driving test at the age of 36 (my girlfriend paid for this and I drive her car)and they now want to revoke this or send me to prison.

I currently receive incapacity from a head injury and still have debts from years ago when I lost my house due to paying 30% to the CSA for a child I never saw and so have no spare money to pay off these arrears.

Can you give me any advice on how to proceed with this case in Court. I understand the magistrates can't question the amount owed so what am I supposed to do other than bend over and take it up the arse.

I've been advised to turn down the duty solicitor as I believe they are unable to commit me to prison is they don't have a solicitor's signature is this correct? Would sending in form N244 be of any use as I have no assets and no spare money.

Thanks in advance any advice would be very much appreciated. :ouch:
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Re: Advice needed for upcoming Court Case

Postby wanabfree » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:05 pm

have a look on marc Stevens site, i would advise get his book adventures in legal land, you can get it on PDF for about a fiver.

also have a look on tpuc, there is a court script posted on the template section, this should give you an idea of how to hold your ground by asking for facts and putting the buren on the court and persecuters, it's a quicker and more understandable strategy to start with.

this would be a good place to start in my opinon

hope it helps
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