Along Day In Court

Along Day In Court

Postby Mog » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:14 pm

Been to the Magistrates court today and tried a few ideas to see what happened.
Got to do this twice as the first appearance in front of three magistrates ended with the clerk of the court spouting off about freeman on the land and red herrings before saying to the magistrates “Don't worry the district judge will sort this out”
This is what I tried and the reaction I got.

After stating my name(no MR) and DOB I said “I have my birth certificate as proof” and showed it to the court with the thinking it may prove I'm a person and not a corporation.
This had little effect but all seemed surprised.

I then asked if I could get an assurance that my inherent common law rights would be observed throughout proceedings.
Both magistrates and district judge would not give me this assurance but said I would get a fair trial.

Next I made the following statement “May I state for the public record that any assumptions the court may have about my standing, jurisdiction or other matters are hereby rescinded. Any assumed consent is henceforth withdrawn.”
This was met both times with silence.

Lastly I asked the judge to clarify my understanding of his roll “acting under your oath of public office, you are here as an independent and unbiased adjudicator.”
In front of the magistrates this is where they threw it out but the district judge confirmed he was under his judicial oath, independent,unbiased but wanted to be a judge not an adjudicator.

Would like to know peoples analysis of these statements and what conclusions we can draw ?

It has been a long day so don't bother coming on and saying I should have done A or B unless you have done it with success and can prove it.
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Re: Along Day In Court

Postby treeman » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:29 pm

Just keep sticking it too em bro, the more peeps who question their alleged authority the better, they may begin to understand that YOU are the authority. :yes: :peace:
I'll make no subscription to their paradise.

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Re: Along Day In Court

Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:54 pm

an adjudicator is not necessarily an officer of state. a judge is an adjudicator but necessarily an officer of state. the crown prosecutor is also an officer of state. the people who wrote the (ahem) laws you broke are also officers of state. its a good job you didn't opt for state regulated solicitor to defend you, especially if he was on the payroll of the stat. . . as that could have reduced your chances of getting a "fair trial".

ps still never been up in court. what's the point, your ten nil down before you even start and unless its a proper law your accused of breaking, the whole reason for the trial is to see if you were disobedient to those who demand with violence to be obeyed. I might as well admit (ahem) guilt, with the lawful excuse that I'm not the state's fecking slave.

I'm not as experienced as many with courts so just throwing in my tuppence worth.
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Re: Along Day In Court

Postby squark » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:48 pm

WARNING SEE NEXT POST!!!!!!Slight 4cup in progress!!!

I went in on the 3rd about Mary My Love, the Mazda that was taken. :police: :no:
Magistrates gave a £700 fine and 6 points for not producing license and no insurance, this was the appeal.

On the day
The cop turned up to restate his written statement. I only remembered one question...." Does the officer believe that our rights are given by Statutes?" The judge replied (offered) that " I will decide that."

I took the stand, "well Sir I was under the belief that we have a right to travel, and that's what I was doing, unless the prosecution has any evidence to the contrary? "...Silence...could have pushed the point....

Gave a little speech about Peace and how I have found it, and our amazing technological future that is fraught with danger, and that the cause of my rebellion/questioning was the war, but that if its necessary to get to the future, I can find peace in that, and harmony and unity are necessary. I did sign the drivers license and will pay anything that I owe, I do wonder if the court considers a contract (license) obtained under (mild) duress (everyone knows you will get in trouble without one) to be valid under common law.....blah blah..then

He said something about Licenses and contract...didn't really catch what....

That's not really why I was there......!

Me-"Do you have an original charging or accusatory instrument for my inspection?"
Judge-"Why would you want one of those?"
Me-"For my endorsement"
Judge-"Why would you need to write on it?"
Me-"That's my remedy"
Judge-"What do you mean remedy?"
Me-"If you don't know what remedy is..."
Judge-" I know what remedy is,'s my photocopy of the instrument"
Me-"Well if there is no Original I guess I can accept the copy..."

I "Inspected the instrument" at least I would have done if my eyes and ears had still been working. Head spinning, I was in some special zone! No idea what it said but i got the fact it was two pages, It seemed to be signed. I turned them over and autographed the back of each, I handed the valuable document back.

They went out to deliberate. I went to the public gallery (my business being completed)(I regret it a bit I think it may have been thought of as rude and it was a perfectly friendly affair other than that. (less than an hour))

The Judge..."Well we have listened to you and considered what you had to say and have decided that you were driving without any insurance and you were found guilty and also that you did have a drivers license and failed to produce it when asked and you were found guilty of that also. The case is CLOSED" :hug:

The (foxy!) Prosecutor stood up and said there was an application for costs at £400. The Judge ordered costs be paid.

So now I have a bill for £400. :giggle: That says it all!

Creditors in Commerce is where I got my info. 400 hours of study time, I'm now starting again at lesson 1 to try to get a better understanding.
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Re: Along Day In Court

Postby squark » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:42 pm

Big bill arrived this AM. Phoned the Court. Found a "discrepancy". Not lost hope yet!
And the Lord spake unto his people, he said "Get Off MY Bloody Land!"
And the people gave unto the Lord, freely they gave him The Finger
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