Friday 30th October, 2009

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Friday 30th October, 2009

Postby Veronica » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:41 am

Veronicaz Theory of Legitimacy

This essay is an extension of the first Chapter in my book Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word – the Chapter called Taking.

As explained in that Chapter, all resources are free. All source materials come free. All energy comes free. Free for the sustenance of life, no matter what creature you are.

Thus to charge for any source raw material, whether it is coal, oil, gas, electricity, water or foods, etc is illegitimate. Because the provider of these items was never charged for the raw materials in the first place.

The only argument for charging therefore rests solely on a charge for ‘effort’ to make the product available. Human effort, to be specific.

It would, therefore, be very easy to dismiss this argument by pointing out that a lot of production is done by Robots, which eliminate much of the Human effort anyway. However, there are many instances where Human effort is still required in order to complete a service, and so further arguments are still necessary to counter these aspects. Even in these computerised and robotic days a considerable amount of Human effort is still vital.

The Human effort falls into two major categories:

1. Essential manual labour, and
2. Inessential manual labour.

Inessential manual labour can be dismissed immediately, since it adds absolutely nothing to the product or service. Inessential manual labour is bookkeeping, accounting, processing methods of payment, making telephone calls chasing up payments, writing, delivering and receiving and processing demands for payment, etc. – which are all utterly parasitic to the product or service, adding nothing of substance whatsoever.

Thus (2), above is dismissed as a legitimate reason for charging for any product or service.

So we are left solely with (1), above, to provide any legitimacy for making demands before a product or a service can be provided to anyone.

To do that fairly, honourably, and honestly, we would need algorithms, charts, tables, listing the various Human efforts and equating them: One swing of a hammer = The amount of effort to deliver one letter … or some such.

And these variances would have to depend on physique. A thin Postman may be able to deliver a letter, but maybe could not swing a large hammer such as to embed a railroad track.

In point of fact, by devising such algorithms, we would be in The La-La Land of Utter Stupidity – pretty much like the European Union, trying to define a banana by its straightness.

It simply doesn’t work. Attempting to draw up ‘Tables of Human Efforts’ doesn’t work. The idea is ludicrous, for many obvious reasons.

Thus, at the end of the day, we are left with one solution: “People do what they can. What they are capable of doing, in order to contribute to the whole. But they only undertake the essential tasks, they do not waste everyone’s time & resources on the inessential ones”.

And their incentive is: Honour. And respect for what they do. Mutual respect between the Postman delivering mail, and the Engineer cutting and shaping components for cars … and so on. Or the Musician writing songs … and so on. Each to his own strengths.

And that’s the only way it would all ever work.

Mutual respect is the key. ‘Charging’ is completely illegitimate.
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