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Thursday 25th February, 2010

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:31 am
by Veronica
The FMOTL 'move' is now complete.

I'm getting asked "What happened? Why did I get a page of adverts, etc? I thought FMOTL had gone AWOL".

The answer is simple. The way the Searches work is that ... if a site can't be located ... it assumed to be up for grabs to BUY (it's ALL about 'money' ... remember???)

For a day or so when FMOTL was 'in transit' is wasn't 'anywhere'. Thus it was assumed 'up for grabs', and you would have been diverted to a default page of adverts.

Sorry about that, but it was none of my doing. It's the way things are, on the Internet these days.