Thurday, 18th March 2010

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Thurday, 18th March 2010

Postby Veronica » Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:44 pm

Those who attended Lloyd Pye's Presentation in Nottingham will know what I'm talking about.

Lloyd has found a highly credible Genetics Analysis company. They have analysed the Nuclear DNA of the Starchild and confirmed that 'Mum' was a human female ... and that 'Dad's DNA MATCHES NO KNOWN DNA ... of any known species ... including animals, plants, fishes, even bacterias, etc.

The DNA Recovery procedures have been repeated to confirm these results.

'Dad' wasn't human ... or even a humanoid.

'Dad' was an Alien.

And Carbon Dating shows that the Starchild lived and died 900 years ago.

(The Company that have done this DNA recovery will be going public when they consider they are ready for a media onslaught. If history is anything to go by, there will be no onslaught ... it will be suppressed)
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