Saturday, 16th October, 2010

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Saturday, 16th October, 2010

Postby Veronica » Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:06 pm

I'm beginning to lose count of the number of times we have achieved 'success' with the "Are you acting under your Oath of Office at this time?" question.

By 'success' what generally happens is that the case never gets any further than that very first question (although 'they', of course, are ranting on about "What is you Name? Date of Birth?", etc. In the end they get no answers, and the cases are adjourned.

I don't know what they expect to happen when the case resumes. The first question will be: "Are you acting under your Oath of Office at this time?".

They will get nowhere. Presumably they hope that 'Central Government' will chip in with something … if they spin it out long enough.

Who knows? Who knows how/what these morons think? Thinking like them is not somewhere I, personally, wish to go.

(Oh, btw … in case anyone has been wondering where I got to … that's what I've been doing … telling everyone who e-mails me what I would do in Court … see above. I've also created a 2nd Edition to my book, which should be available in a few weeks time. It's the same as before, with a few typos corrected, and an additional Appendix containing all the latest stuff we have discovered. The 'Oath' business is in there now ... along with 'Sovereignty' ... and a complete expose of The Mortgage Scam)

I've also been trying as hard as possible to support others such as Dave, in Wiltshire, who has had his Motorhome impounded. I've been to see him a few times, including the 'gig' on 21st September.

Obviously the Policymen have picked on him because he's been selling my book, talking to Ramblers (one of which could very well have been the lead Magistrate at the initial Hearing in Chippenham), and the fact that Dave is just 'one' … apparently alone … by himself.

Easy meat, therefore. (Well they would … wouldn't they?)

Dave thinks it is also because of the Notices he has sent to the Chief Inspector, but (in MY view) said Chief Inspector is probably totally incapable of understanding what Dave writes (even though Dave writes it all very well, btw!), and probably thinks Dave is just 'a fucking nuisance factor … on his 'patch'.

Anyway, Dave has elected to defend himself, claiming "lawful excuse" … due to Government War Crimes and treason. Which is reasonable. We should use any tool in the box that succeeds. One of Dave's reasons is that he has been concerned about the Hollie Greig business from the word go, and wants to expose that if at all possible.

There is a Topic on FMOTL wherein Spudy describes how he won a case on "lawful excuse" … then got tricked into throwing his win away. (For those interested, Spudy was made a 'throwaway settlement offer', which he accepted. This caused him to lose after all. A mistake that none of us will ever make again: IF THEY MAKE YOU ANY OFFERS AT ALL - DO NOT ACCEPT THEM - HOWEVER TEMPTING)

Anyway … back to Dave. The Policymen are being their usual childish selves. They are doing their best to make life as hard as possible for Dave by denying him the ability to get his truck back. They do this by placing some kind of Retention Order on the conveyance (no 'law' involved, of course!), just before they have days off. So they are then non-contactable. When the Retention Order runs out, another Policyman places another Retention Order - and goes on leave immediately - and so on. Totally, utterly, and completely TRANSPARENT and CHILDISH … and "Tee hee! See what we can do … and get away with it! Yah boo sucks! We are Policymen, UNTOUCHABLE, and you are just a pleb!"

The problem they have is that they have fucked up mega-big-time - in ways almost too numerous to count. However they will find this out when the case reconvenes.

Laughs will be on other sides of faces.

This is, of course, all due to their utter incompetence and desire to act in a childish manner. It seems impossible for them to comprehend that we are not, actually, as stupid as they are.

(Oh yes … they have all fucked up big time … especially the Solicitor who unilaterally decided to be come Dave's Representative … even though he was told to fuck off).

Here's what they SHOULD have done. But have they? Errrr ... no. Not quite!

On the bright side it seems that the Policyman who runs the Pound (where Dave's truck is impounded) is actually quite bright, and so is his assistant. And very helpful - as far as they can - both of them. Yes … there are a few decent ones left but - bear in mind - these two do a specific job … away from the main thrust of things … and just get on with running the Conveyance Pound. So their outlook will not be coloured by the day-to-day 'business' of the Policyman HQ, etc. Which probably accounts for the fact they can retain their 'humanity'.

Thankfully Dave is a very wealthy man … in terms of really good friends. Friends who have pulled out all the stops.

I don't know whether are not I should mention them all (because I'm bound to forget someone), but Dave (Cheshire/FMOTL), Stan (Yorkshire/FMOTL), Jay (Wiltshire), Charles (Wiltshire), John (Wiltshire), Pete (Wiltshire), and Sam (Wiltshire) MUST come in for mentions. (And, well, yes, I've helped a bit).

Obviously both Dave and I wish to thank EVERYONE who has helped out (even with just words of support) ... whether or not you've been mentioned above.

("Those also serve who only stand and wait" - Winston Churchill)
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