Sunday, 7th November, 2010

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Sunday, 7th November, 2010

Postby Veronica » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:54 pm

Well ... it's proved.

Magistrates Courts.

In a Magistrates Court they will try to wear you down ... starting with "What is your name?" (etc.) You must completely ignore anything and everything they say, and only ask: "Are you acting under your Oath of Office at this time?". You need to 'wear THEM down' with that question ... as many times as necessary before they either walk out or adjourn. At the adjournment date ... you do the same thing again. And so on.

If they ever STUPID enough to say "Yes", you say: "Then repeat for me now VERBATIM ... and we will discuss what it means" ... which is that they have promised to SERVE & PROTECT YOU - the Human Being ... as Public SERVANTS ... you being the Master or Mistress. "CORPORATE" entities are not Human, and have no Rights IN LAW (Common Law). They only have PRIVILEGES under 'legals'. Your Sovereign, Indefeasible, Human Being Rights overwhelm any and all 'Corporate privileges'.

The most Supreme 'being' on this planet is - and always has been - Human Beings ... in fact all other sentient life (animals, etc) is secondary.

UNDERNEATH ALL sentient life, there is Organic Life (plants, trees).

UNDERNEATH all LIFE ... there are 'entities' ... such as "The Crown".

This depends totally on Human Beings, in order to recognise its very existence.

UNDERNEATH "The Crown" there are Corporations, which rely on "The Crown" to organise their existence, via 'legals'.

Therefore ... how far down the chain are Corporations? (Talk about 'lowly'/'low-life'!)

County Courts.

Which means CCJs & Mortgages (which are as close to a CCJ as makes no difference).

These Hearings are - by and large - NOT held in Court (de facto ... even). They are invariably held 'in Chambers'. Which is a small room comprising a T-shaped tabling, where the Judge-impersonator can sit with each side sitting down the 'stem' of the "T". The Claimant will be represented by a Rentagob (for the claim) ... rented via the Claimant's Solicitors. The Claimant (e.g. a Bank) will be very much in the background. Thus you would face an Agent of an Agent of the Claimant.

You would be sitting with a friend, opposite Rentagob ... who will probably have approached you outside and asked you if you wanted discussion before going in. Pretty much as waste of time doing that, of course.

Being the so-called 'Judge's Chambers' (i.e. rented by the Judge-impersonator for the day), THERE ARE NO RULES AND THERE IS NO PROCEDURE. You will, therefore get rolled over if you make any attempt to defend/discuss the matter.

(By the way, you COULD ... if you realised the situation, demand your Hearing to be held in Court itself ... where the public is allowed in. In that scenario the Judge would still be impersonating, but would have to obey the Procedure Rules. Whether this would actually make any difference or not to the outcome - is questionable. And they may demand payment if you lose ... non-payment leading to a prison term?)

The best form of defence is attack. So, before entering this small room, you say "Will you be acting under your Oath of Office?" (and so on ... as before)


ALWAYS have a friend with you as an observer, prepared to write a Statement of Truth as to what occurred. NEVER ask permission for this friend to accompany you ... if asked who they are, then they are "Moral support". When asked who I was, I said "Veronica". When asked my surname I said "That's irrelevant, I'm not your Defendant".

If threatened with 'contempt' you can say "This is not a Court ... it is supposedly Judge's Chambers ... and anyone can say anything in that environment"

And that's the point. There are NO rules. And anyone can, indeed, say what they like. Although I discovered that they reach for "Security" very quickly if you raise your voice ... as I did (but then I was walking out by then ... at the time ... anyway).

Make sure you tell them what will happen if they proceed against your consent. That you, the Human Being - BEING THE ONLY ONE PRESENT WITH FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE OF THE MATTER - were present - AND YOUR FRIEND CAN VERIFY THAT VIA STATEMENT OF TRUTH. So, if they proceed, then they MUST be proceeding against a fictional entity - WHICH IS NOT YOU. AND THAT YOU CAN HOLD THEM CRIMINALLY LIABLE IF ANYTHING UNTOWARD AGAINST YOU OR YOUR PROPERTY were to occur a result of ANYTHING they do (Don't give them 'oxygen' by saying 'making judgements' ... they ain't making judgements 'coz they ain't judges)

In other words: STAND YOUR FUCKING GROUND AND WALK FUCKING TALL towards "Freedom" (it's more than just a 7-letter word!).
Freedom's just another word for: "Nothing left to lose" (Janis Joplin)
"There is no path to peace, peace IS the path" (Mahatma Ghandi)
"There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path" (Veronica Chapman)
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