Saturday, 13th November 2010

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Saturday, 13th November 2010

Postby Veronica » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:40 am

Mixed bag in this blog entry.

First of all here's part of an e-mail I received from someone who contacted me via the "What do they know" Website:

P.S I have managed to cancel my income tax bill which was around 24K by enlightening the Tax office that I am in individual not a corporation that does not generate a profit and demanded they send me the Lawful Law which enforces this sadly to no avail they could not produce it so I pointed out to the tax officer that by billing me without justification constitutes to a criminal offence never heard from them again on the matter

I hope it continues that way for him. Remember (and DO NOT FORGET) … 'you' are - NOW - a very long way from the 'only one doing this'. You may not know all those others … but I can assure you they are there. I get all kinds of "e-mails out of the blue" these days. Just like the one above.

What's in that envelope?

There is a product, manufactured by Kontakt Chemie, called "Transparent 21". It is a spray, and makes paper transparent for a period of time (basically until it dries out again). Its smell is not seriously unpleasant (a bit like Tri-Chlor-Ethylene), and that goes away once the paper has fully dried out (it takes a few days for the smell to go away).

It's a hell of a lot simpler than steaming open an envelope and re-sealing.

It can be obtained from Rapid Online.

Now I'm going to go really off the rails, and talk about Shemales

Why? Well because (as I think most people know) I'M ONE! I think that gives me an interest in the subject?

It occurred to me that (bearing in mind the frequency of Shemales in the population as a whole (i.e. 1 in every 25 males) … there just might be some Shemales who are Members of this Board.

And I want to give them a word of encouragement.

The same encouragement I was given, in 1997, when I was advised: "Get dressed. Stay dressed". And all I can say is that was the best advice I have ever been given, and I have not regretted taking it for even one split second.

I do know, of course, that it can be VERY hard for a life partner to swallow (no pun intended!). And that can mean the utter frustration of not allowing the woman, inside you, to have her say (women DO like to have their say!). In my case I had already split from my partner (for other reasons) - and so that problem did not arise.

But, if you are free to go for it … then go for it.

What happens in shops, buses, trains, and the street etc.? Basically nothing - except what normally happens - as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I do get a few "funny looks" … but for myself I'm generally far too busy 'doing what I'm doing' to take any serious notice. I get served just like everyone else. I get treated just like every one else. I have absolutely no embarrassment whatsoever at buying anything the shops have to sell … bras, knickers, lingerie, cosmetics … and I have no problem about asking to try stuff on … for example shoes … to see if they fit before I buy. (Actually shoes is a bad example, 'coz I have to buy size 9s, and generally from mail order catalogues).

Holy shit! If you are wearing lipstick, then standing there checking them out is the most natural thing in the world! Isn't it??

I usually get called "This lady" … or "Miss" or "Madam" … certainly in a Chemists or Beauty Shops. Occasionally I get called "Sir" and - if I can be bothered - I say "It's Madam, actually". It rather depends on whether I decide TO EMBARRASS THEM (or not). If it has been an amicable encounter (in all other respects) I might just say (cheerily) "Oh … btw … it's 'Madam', not 'Sir" as I walk away. This would mean their embarrassment was minimal, because I'm no longer standing there seeing their facial expression.

The elderly (i.e. MY PEERS) - who's eyesight is not so good - will almost ALWAYS refer to me as a "lady", bless them - as they hold a door open for me, and smile.

I've had my own Avon Lady for about 10 years.

You just "do it". Remember: Those few (and there are very very few) who snigger or laugh openly - ONLY GET THE OPTION TO DO THAT BECAUSE -YOU- HAVE CHOSEN TO GIVE IT TO THEM … because YOU chose to 'dress' before going out. (They are far and away TOO STUPID to realise that!)

Head up, honey! Let 'em go fuck themselves!

It is - after all - just another aspect of FREEDOM, is it not? The freedom to be who you are … and what you are?

Veronicaz Hot Tips (1) - Putting on a bra

DON'T PUT IT ON THE RIGHT WAY ROUND, AND THEN TRY TO DO IT UP AT THE BACK! Turn it round, do it up at the front, and twist it round the right way. Then put your arms through the straps.

Padding? Pad. Many real girls do … you'd be surprised. I once knew a real one who had "less" than I have up top. She used to wear "Teenage Size", and I'm 34B.

Veronicaz Hot Tips (2) - Putting on a suspender belt

Same with a Suspender Belt … do it up frontward and then turn it round. Stockings on all the way up … then pull the belt down to do up the clips. Then pull the belt up as far as it will go … to tighten the straps … adjusting strap length as necessary. THEN knickers over the top … because you will need them to come down easily when you need the loo, at some point, won't you honey? Or maybe even for other reasons? I don't know. I'm too old for that.

Freedom's just another word for: "Nothing left to lose" (Janis Joplin)
"There is no path to peace, peace IS the path" (Mahatma Ghandi)
"There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path" (Veronica Chapman)
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