Between is i

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Between is i

Postby iamani » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:35 pm

Another from the apprentice bard, hope you enjoy reading it as
much as i did.

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.
In the eyes of those psycho's a reflection of proof
That the devil is real and in their shadow sits.
Between reflection and shadow is a place 'i' exists
All is 'i', 'i' is all, we are all 'i''s

Earth lends her substance to stars from above,
A match made in heaven is grounded in love
Then the demon takes over the bodies it steals
Between thought and emotion is a place that 'i' feels
All is 'i', 'i' is all, we are all eyes

'First dimension'-shaped awareness penetrated the third,
Went from i.d. to 3D giving form to 'The Word'
But the djinn owns the world with his blood oaths and pacts
Between 3D and 1D is a place 'i' contracts
All is 'i', 'i' is all, we are all lies

If the past - it didn't happen - and we don't know why or how
When the future is unknowable you should learn to know the 'now'
The dark one turned our lights out and things just don't make sense
Between history and mystery is a place that 'i' presents.
All is 'i', 'i' is all, we are allies.....

(ed:less, a. Bard)
law is all is love is all is law
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