Help to succeed in civil claims against, numerous debtors.

Help to succeed in civil claims against, numerous debtors.

Postby TommyMackay » Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:21 pm

Hello My name is Tommy of the Family: Mackay and I have already tried on numerous occasions taking criminal scum bags to court both in the county and high courts, all to no avail. I sent three or four I can't remember exactly to the high court last year and they were all returned on technicalities. All against either companies and or corporations for there torts against me and my person.

I am a disabled army veteran and therefore do not have to pay to start any cases, as it is covered by being on Income Support and D.L.A. I now have two new cases I want to bring to the county courts attention against my Social Landlord and E.D.F ENERGY both of whom have been issued and served with Notices of Default and Dishonour as well as Fee Schedules. The problem I have is with the C.P.R ( Civil Procedure Rules) and exactly what to ask for in each given case, i.e remedy e.t.c

Therefore I would be grateful for any assistance moreover, I am willing to give anyone who helps me 20% of all monies awarded and received.

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail and I look forward to reading any and all replies.

Thank you and Good Day to you whoever you are, :-)
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