Adminsitrative Law Halsburys 2011

Adminsitrative Law Halsburys 2011

Postby 46traveller » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:42 pm

The law is absolutely clear on this subject, there is NO authority for administrative Courts in this country, and No act can be passed to legitemize them..........
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Re: Adminsitrative Law Halsburys 2011

Postby iamani » Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:02 pm

Hi 46traveller

A wanderer returns... always nice to see. Welcome back.

The administrative courts are authorised by our consent, or rather lack of our official objection. i have read somewhere that administrative courts are here due to a private arrangement/agreement between the executive branch and the judiciary. Also i think they are here because '...this country' is now completely buried/submerged beneath the waters of UK CORP...

It would appear that the administrative courts are agents for the banking system rather than the judiciary (who have no say in the matter, what with the receivers paying their wages), and are intended to recoup money for the creditors (banksters) of the 'country's' latest bankruptcy. The executive branch (UK PLC) is set up as a corporation by the official receivers (imo). Everything it does is to recoup the part of the 'national debt' supposedly owed by us to the bankers (75% of which debt is actually borrowed-from/owed-to us, the people - when do we get paid?) . Aside from their role to keep the peace, a police officer is a bounty-hunter, professional witness and process server. He is paid to spend his time in quality-control ie on a constant look-out for infringements/breach of contract committed by people who evidence agreement to the punitive terms and conditions of the national bankruptcy aka acts of parliament and statutes. The police are financed by the receivers and exist primarily to generate revenue/profit, as are all 'public services' (again, imo) so it's no wonder everything - including the government/parliament/judiciary - is now in private hands...

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