Justice System Declared Void in the High Court

Justice System Declared Void in the High Court

Postby The Freeman-on-the-Land known as Michael » Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:44 pm

Following a series of detailed applications, supported by affidavits, skeleton arguments and purportedly esteemed legal authorities, to the High Court, Chancery Division, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, on 28 June 2012; upon hearing the considered judgment of another eminent Queen’s Council in an application for permission to proceed with an out-of-time claim of Judicial Review in the High Court, Administrative Division, the lay representative of the Trustees of a private family trust declared that: “… a system of justice that does not deliver justice is void ab initio and needs to be struck down.” To which he received no objection, rebuttal or denial.

The following account of the events which preceded this unprecedented case stands as compelling evidence that justice is not obtainable within a system that protects the vested interests of the Crown and Her Majesty’s Government above the law, equity and truth.

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Re: Justice System Declared Void in the High Court

Postby holy vehm » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:39 pm

A very interesting read Michael, with, to be honest, not a wholly unexpected conclusion.

If anything, this further proves the corruption stems from the heights of 'society'.

This does however demonstrate very well the route and process one should take, the more that do, the harder for that corruption to remain hidden in the shadows.
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Re: Justice System Declared Void in the High Court

Postby squark » Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:38 pm

I see that "signature" of a corporation being questioned again.
It's a question I pursued with N Power. They do not know the answer but do know that the courts will support their side of a case. It cost me money!
Somewhere in Commercial code (too much listening to go back and find it) it says a "Signature" is ANY SIGN, SEAL OR MARK GIVEN WITH THE INTENTION OF REPRESENTING THE CORPORATION. (or words to that effect)
So the RBS logo on the top of the page is sufficient.
Thats my understanding of it. They can't send out a million bills a month and have some guy in a back office sign them all. It bears the MARK of the company.

You can sign with a smiley, or the artist formerly known as Prince sign, its about INTENT>

Better News Now........Jack Smith on Creditors in Commerce (or his monday night phone calls) says...we know the NOTE (promissory note) creates the money for the loan, that part is settled, but we sign a contract to pay monthly amounts as well. This is what gets foreclosed on! You have to do another process (another promissory note) to settle that second part of the mortgage! The Judge may well be thinking "why are they talking about the loan, its an agreement to pay instalments for the next 40 years we are considering."

How many documents signed = how many agreements to settle (could be!)

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Re: Justice System Declared Void in the High Court

Postby wanabfree » Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:16 pm

could you please give us the full citation/authority, were it states "a system of justice that does not deliver justice is void ab initio and needs to be struck down.", hopefully it's available on BAILII or Westlaw ?
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