Housing Benefit/Council Tax Overpayments 'fun'

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Housing Benefit/Council Tax Overpayments 'fun'

Postby someonesomewhere » Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:12 pm

Hi All,

Just wanted to say thanks for some of the help I've gained scanning these boards re: my current interaction with the dreaded Hackney council.

In a nutshell they are alleging they overpaid me housing benefit in 2007 because they claimed I hadn't supplied the correct information about a change in my income/tax credits payments at the correct time.
I disputed (and still dispute!) this, as to my knowledge I acted in good faith and supplied all materials required in good time and that any discrepancy was due to error on their part.

So I appealed at the time (2007), and was turned down, I refused to pay and we had a stand off...thinking they'd given up I carried on with my life until, out of the blue, in 2010, I received another demand for the alleged overpayment, accompanied by statements to the effect that because the 'decision' was so long ago they couldn't go into the case, explain anything and I had to pay etc etc ad nauseam.. :no:

A year further down the line (now!) we ramble on and, after much too-ing and fro-ing and thinking they'd 'gone away' again, I've just received 'A Notice Of Intention To Take Legal Action'...this after being notified there had been an apparent court decision in my absense for 'council tax' overpayment I guess arising from the initial mistake ( still with me? good, I responded with a mixture of advice from this site about legality of these courts and the plain fact that I had at no time been made aware of this alleged debt, never mind 'a court case'!)...still waiting for a response to that one...

I'm not quite at the freeman stage in court as yet but seriously thinking of my options if it gets to that stage...

One more point, many of the alleged amounts of money, wage-slips,dates etc the council alleges is owed differ from letter to letter, one even states 'the reason these arrears arose is because you eanred over £16000k', which certainly wasn't the case!..would this have bearing on any court proceedings?

I've also just come off the phone to Hackney council after being informed some of their correspondance was posted to the wrong address which is why I never received, thus leading to 'some confusion'.. :yawn:

Sorry the post is fairly rambling but this is really very annoying...so I thought I'd share...
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