Taxation and levies put upon the UK population via UK Gov

Income Tax, Council Tax, National Insurance and VAT issues.

Taxation and levies put upon the UK population via UK Gov

Postby Ingy » Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:50 am

Info taken from ‘A Survey of the UK Tax System’
by the IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) October 2012

‘Revenue raised by UK taxes’

Total UK government receipts are forecast to be £591.7 billion in 2012–13,
or 37.5% of UK GDP.
This is equivalent to roughly £11,500 for every adult in the UK, or £9,400 per person.
Not all of this revenue comes from taxes: taxes as defined in the National Accounts are forecast to raise £568.8 billion in 2012–13, with the remainder provided by surpluses of public sector industries, rent from state-owned properties and so on.

Income Tax
National Insurance Contributions
Value Added Tax

‘Other indirect taxes’
Fuel Duties
Tobacco Duties
Alcohol Duties
Betting and Gaming Duties
Vehicle Excise Duty
Air Passenger Duty
Insurance Premium Tax
Landfill Tax
Climate Change Levy
Aggregates Levy
Customs Duties

‘Capital Taxes’
Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax
Stamp Duty Land Tax
Stamp Duty on Shares

‘Company Taxes’
Corporation Tax
Petroleum Revenue Tax
Business Rates
Bank Levy

‘Council Tax’
‘Taxation of North Sea Production’
‘Other Smaller Taxes and Royalties Not Listed’

‘Interest and Dividends’
‘Gross Operating Surplus, Rent etc’

When the rich political elite promote immigration, their first and ultimate tool of justification is the 'boost to the economy'.
(Their rich elite economy! we don't benefit from it.)

Is there any wonder they are fanatical on cramming in continued immigration into England and are building more houses to accommodate, as it is more people to hammer with their crippling Tax system!
'Mass immigration' is a cash cow for the rich political elite who rule over England.
All finances and no feelings.
This is why the rich political elite are flogging that dead horse of a diverse and multi-cultural society, as they need it to live, so that they can live...a life of luxury whilst their Tax slaves work for poor pay.

Believe me, MP's at UK Government and our local mainstream Councillors, have no real love for a multi-cultural society,
but do have a real love of money at any cost, even human cost.

We all need to get this message over to the immigrant community to let them know how they are just Tax fodder for a rich political elite.

From an Englishman in England's perspective, take a few billion from the total to reach an approx total for England.)
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