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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:08 am


79) Life is credit for creation and so is time...

law is all is love is all is law
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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:15 pm


Some more anagogetymology. You might want to re-read KJV Gen 1 - 3 in these terms. As ever, just my current opinion...

Prefixes are words of meaning in themselves:

De  =  of; without; removed of; debt.

Si  =  (also: 'Se'/'Sy') interest; (and possibly 'time')

Re  =  use of (as pronounced: yooss); fictional/spiritual gain of; credit.

These three are used to make several words:




Desire:  removed of interest in spiritual gain.

Reside:  fictional gain of interest removed

Sidere:  (no such word, you say...? Then con-sidere the words 'con-sider' and 'sidere-al'...) interest without fictional/spiritual gain

An  =  flesh/water

And  =  flesh beings (is this what we were called before we were known as 'man'  -  and-ropos, and-ros, and-rogynous, ha-and/h'and/hand?)

Anu  =  leader of flesh beings

Na  =  rightful state (nature = rightful state of being; Nativity = rightful state of life; naked = rightful state held/displayed)

Ki  =  spiritual force


Anunaki  =  rightful spirit-force leader of flesh-beings...

Human  =  cut-man/serpent-man (old Welsh - thank you Sean)/shade-of-man/colour-of-man; this term refers to the human-life-form, not the actual baby. Not mentioned in the KJV, it seems also a word used to replace 'woman' to keep us from wisdom. Remember, woman was 'cut' from man and is subservient to man/mind.

Human-life-form  =  placental-umbilical-biomass, this is classed as a separate living creature because after violent separation from both mother and baby it may display signs of independent life for several minutes. Remember, it is unlawful to register (enslave) 'man' at any stage of his development. This 'human' is what is named, enslaved and recorded/entered to the birth register. It is the "...every human creature..." mentioned in 'Unam Sanctum'. It may also be the serpent of Eden, and your own person-al Jesus... one's 'Father in Heaven'.

Heaven  =  land of the leal; realm of fiction

Being  =  acting

Identity  =  identidem  = again and again  =  a gain and a gain  =  two names are gained by a baby  -  one gain is the first name, one gain is the surname, both are separated by 'and'. Both names are hammered into the young'un again and again...

Human-being  =  one indoctrinated to act as a legal-fiction; one deluded to think that legality is reality; such a one holds status only of 'creature'/animal; Perpetual play-acting child ie 'being' human. A fool.

Actor  =  a driver of sheep... (OED); 'man' is the actor, 'woman' (both male and female) is the sheep being driven.

Child  =  a growing (debt) account; a future derivative; copyright property; apprentice debt-slave; a pledged good.

Now-the-serpent  =  time; the 'good' serpent; representing bone.

And-the-serpent  =  the 'wicked'/cursed serpent; representing the flesh.

(the blood is claimed by the 'LORD God'  -  but i suspect he might have 'borrowed' it from the worms/wyrms/serpents...)

Good  =  a desirable example; a tradable commodity; a measure of time.

Evil  =  unchecked desire   (a person/individual/corporate-entity is incapable of desire so can do no evil - any more than a gun can decide to shoot someone. Evil is soul-ly the domain of man/woman).


The (knowledge) of (good) (and) (evil)  =  the (experience) of (bone) (flesh) (unchecked desire)

Bona  =  Roman goddess worshipped by women; goods.

Adult  =  a public open account;

Husband  =  economist; manager; farmer.

Wife  =  managed worker.

Bride  =  treasured possession.

Man  =  an ecclesiastic fiction the creation of which is attributed to 'And-God' (man MK I of KJV Gen 1:26) and/or 'LORD-God' (man MK II of KJV Gen 2); man is always the superior fiction in/at/of law; is subject only to instruction-from/obligation-to 'God'/'And-God' or LORD God ; man is a creator/controller of 'persons'; a disciplined/indoctrinated mind; a capacity for interest (rather than desire, which is removed from man MK I to 'create' man MK II) and ruthlessness; order. Overall, man is 'mente'. 'Man' is a term representative of the 'Intelligence Quotient' ie I.Q.

Man MK I  =  farmer; caretaker; custodian; trustee

Man MK II  =  Lord; plantation overseer; privileged soldier (beneficiarii); removed of the sacred feminine aspect.

Mente  =  mind  =  man

Government  =  control of man via indoctrination, deception, trickery and (if/when all mind-tricks fail)  -  force.

Woman  =  helpmeet/helpmeat; an agency/vehicle for man - ie a tool of the mind; a revenue; a land; the Here-And-Now; a not-fiction; subject to time and temptation; the capacity for desire/emotion; the flesh; the chattel/cattle, both male and female; chaos. A term representative of the 'Emotional Quotient' ie E.Q. (When people think they are describing 'human', they are actually describing 'woman')

Suveran  =  superior/ruthless man; one wilfully devoid of that which we term 'humanity'; a heartless scheming intellect; a would-be god. (Su-ver-an = moving-worm-flesh = Serpent...)

god  =  a vastly superior being, whether by apparently-supernatural powers (fiction) or by monopolistic control of common resources (fact); usually tyrannical in nature.

God  =  common/consensus agreement; contract; covenant; treaty; law.

Lights  =  aspects of comprehension eg logic, mathematics etc. The two main lights are 'reason' and 'authority' ie "...the greater light to rule the day" (reason rules the enlightened) and: "...the lesser light to rule the darkness" (authority rules the ignorant/incompetent); the mortal beings who comprehend such; the Lords; the Elohim.

Night  =  chaos after the collapse of the rule of a Day/pair-of-gods.

Day  =  dei  =  (a pair of) gods (one masculine, one feminine) of which 'and the evening' is the feminine god 'and the morning' is the masculine god  -  together they are the first 'dei'... etc.

Darkness  =  ignorance

Waters  =  people (the 'And'?)

Firmament  =  the embedded establishment; the D.S.; the 'glass ceiling' preventing ascension of the un-enlightened; realm of the 'lights' (the enlightened/wise ones ie the mortal 'Elohim') who direct world affairs  from their metaphorical eyries far removed from the lesser mortals dwelling in the darkness/ignorance below.

Adam  =  no mother  =  Logos (The Namer) (the dimmest of light?)

Eve  =  that which precedes; the mother/mat(t)er of all living

Matter  =  physical substance; also, a trust.

Life  =  credit; accreditation; time/energy (we are all credited with 'time'  -  and time is money!)

Living (verb)  =  using credit of time/energy

Living (noun)  =  benefice

Live  =  (rhyming: spiv)  spend credit/time.

Live  =  (rhyming: hive)  accredited with time.

Believe  =  credit acceptance to a claim of someone or something without immediate/tangible proof or evidence as to the credibility of that which is claimed.

Love  =  to credit another, to give one's time/energy without obligation of return.

Beloved  =  accredited.

Believed  =  accredited.

Death  =  debt.

Age of consent  =  of adequate age to enter considered agreements and to be bound by one's words actions and deeds.

Fictional  =  that which exists only in and of the mind. Not at all physical, but fiction can still be 'real' and 'fact' and 'truth'. All lies are fiction, but not all fictions are lies...

Physical  =  that which may be known by sensation (eg touch). Non-fiction. Always real, always fact, always truth.

Individual  =  a person; a Godless entity; the same rules as govern corporations also govern individuals  -  ergo an individual cannot be man unless man consents to be so...

Corporation  =  a person; the fictional equivalent of the 'tiny-hat'. Just as the tiny-hat is intended to hide someone's wicked thoughts from 'God', the corporation is intended to hide someone's liability to us from us. It is also a shield, battering ram and sword  -  but only in fiction... and ALL corporations are prima facie evidence of unchecked-desire on the part of the incorporators/users.

Person  =  a corporation; an individual; a dead/debt thing; a Godless entity incapable of feeling, thought and independent action/creation; no-man; not man.

Liver  =  (usually documentary) evidence of Papal authority (Black's Law 2nd ed. if i remember rightly).

Deliver  =  remove from Papal authority (postal service is under Papal authority. Btw  -  'Paypal'  -  who's backing/controlling 'Lone Skum'...?).

Deed  =  dead; delivered (de'ed); a done thing.

Title  =  a controlled name.

Name  =  a label of definition for something that may be owned.

Estate  =  one's interests, rights, and liabilities (usually bound to the NAME).

Debt  =  deb't  =  debit  =  bondage to another; death-of-rights; presumed-consensual suspension of free-will.

Credit  =  c'red'it  =  care-debit  =  creation of debt; control of debt and debtor; a presumption of time; life. (Alternatively: create-deb't).

Register  =  a legal ledger of interests-of-others pledged to another.

Ledger  =  a lawful record of one's own interests and acquisitions.

Given  =  pledged.

Pledged  =  cursed.

.Proper  =  rightly assigned.

Proper name  =  Christian name.

Property  =  proper-ty = proper-T.Y. = proper To You = that which is rightly assigned to you (anagogy rather than etymology, don't claim this in court!).

Knowledge  =  one's very-own internal now-ledger;  a record of one's experience and values in the here-and-now.

Understand  =  before one can 'stand under' T.H.E.I.R. authority one must stand under the ALLCAPS NAME and SURNAME. It's their property (unless you have rightfully claimed your true interest) you are using, incorrectly and/or without permission. 'Sur' means 'raised above' and the 'surname' is the name raised above the proper (Christian) name ie is given primacy and authority over the proper name. When you 'stand under' the NAME you are 'raising the dead' (the NAME is first attached to the placental-umbilical-biomass which died soon after parturition) above the living (Christian name). Your belief that the ALLCAPS is you is 'the consent of the governed'.

DOE  =  the parent/sponsoring account; backed/owned by the State and/or Vatican.

John-henry  =  the new account; the infant-estate backed by the Vatican; the Christian and or pledged name. This is the accredited account that pre-pays your 'debts'. One has a choice upon reaching age sixteen  -  to honour the pledge of one's parents... or redemption.

JOHN HENRY DOE  =  this is the result of one unwittingly honouring the pledge unwittingly entered into by one's parents. In not offering conditional acceptance to, or at least questioning, the NINo-presentment we then apply for a bank account or driving licence using the full ALLCAPS name which effectively relinquishes control of one's birth-right infant-estate account (John-henry)  by 'killing' it via conversion (JOHN HENRY). Up until this point one's name in officialdom is recorded as 'John-henry and DOE' and or 'DOE, John-henry'. A separation is maintained until the day we ourselves join - and durably so - the Christian title to the Surname account in ROMAN JURISDICTION SLAVE TEXT AKA ALLCAPS. This is our own doing  -  this is us eating of the 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil' (eg commercial banking). This is us offering up our heritance in return for a bowl of stew (eg permission to 'drive'). This is why the police get to write and enforce tickets with 'our' NAME written in ROMAN SLAVE TEXT - because we opened/activated the full-name ALLCAPS account (bank and/or DVLA). We didn't have to  -  it's the only place on the entire feckin' form that asks us to 'please' do something (PLEASE complete in black ink; PLEASE complete in block-capitals - PLEASE means non-mandatory). Our free-will choice made in 'sinful' ignorance is our first exemplification of incompetence/weakness/wickedness... and they get to punish/rinse us for that 'original si(g)n' for supposedly evermore... and it's happening again  -  right now! We are all of us under offer of novation. Have you had offer of government advice (close your shop; wear a useless mask; lock yourself away; shit yourself)? Government furlough payments? Government conjob84 tests...? Government-funded vaccine...??? Did you 'eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil' ie accept the 'tempting' benefit of those offers? Have you noticed this is happening in all countries who fund their activities with the debt-pledge-register BC system? Do you think this is all free  -  or do you think perhaps there is a new debt-ledger with your name on it...? The Birth Certificate system is dead... long live the Vaccine Status Certification system! Don't believe me? Then take a close look at the new treaty that ALL countries have SUDDENLY come up with... and tell me it's not so.

Q. ...but what about us? How are we to be defined...?

A.  We are not...

...we are ver-ily indefinable, and that's a fact.

This is the Law:

Love thy neighbour, know thyself... and fear not!

ps. He who creates, owns. Who made the earth? The worms. What did Jesus claim to be?

"...but i am a worm, and no man."

Think about that...

law is all is love is all is law
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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:03 am


80) And now is always new, and new is always now, and now the old must die, and know anew the now.

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:51 pm


This is a comment from beneath a 'Hugo Talks' (YT) vid. i thought some might find the links useful:

"Maria Benetti

⁣URGENT > > > Follow this link

Scroll down to the sub header 'Open Letters' and you will read the following: 'UK Government Public Consultation on Covid-19 Status Certification - Call to Action by 29th March 26/03/21

The UKMFA, Lawyers for Liberty and Workers Union of England have submitted this joint response to the 'UK Government Public Consultation on Covid-19 Status Certification'. We are urging our supporters to send in their own email response to this email -

We have produced a Word Document template below to help you draft your response, listing some of the medical, ethical, legal, and societal issues that relate to Covid Status Certification. Please personalise your email and express your concerns and the effect that 'Covid Status Certificates' would have on your life. It does not have to be a long email. The deadline for submissions is Monday 29th March.'

It has links to prewritten letters specifically for this. You will find other useful letters, legal information and personal liability forms to make employers/doctors/nurses sign on the same site [UK Medical Freedom Alliance] that I have linked above alongside its appeal.

There is a second campaign appeal to protect our freedoms here for the Medical Freedom Bill:

Here is a recent video featuring an interview with the Workers Union in England giving practical legal advice if employees are being coerced to take the vaccine by employers

Here is the Workers Union in England's website for those who may wish to join and be immediately protected from employers abusing their right to informed consent and autonomy

If you know anyone in the U.K. who supports maintaining our freedoms then please forward the above information on to them; share it widely. Thank you."


i've yet to follow the links myself, i think i would rather trust in the commercial process because the Covid-19 Status Certification Scheme is a commercial offer  -  in fact it would appear to be an offer of novation.

The source of state funding that is the Birth Registration Scheme (BRS) is imo a spent force, and now defunct. Obsolete. Finito. Or is it perhaps just completely bankrupt and in process of changing ownership? It would appear that it is to be replaced by the Covid-19 Status Certification Scheme (CSCS).

We know how T.H.E.Y. tricked our parents and ourselves into the BRS. Unfortunately for tptb they are now having to deal with an informed populace (small as it is) who are set on informing the sleep-walking slaves of the cliff they are about to fall off. Their 'lockdowns' and 'furlough schemes' have left a lot of people bored, and many have put their broadband connections to better use than porn, kitten videos and 'here's what i had for tea' posts on social media  -  bit of an own-goal for Bojo the clown, methinks.

Yes, the mass awakening may come too late  -  but we don't really need that many. If we few we precious few start sending the Crown-clown-cronies notice of conditional acceptance to their offers of participation in medical and social experimentation, the tide may yet turn.

Or just envision in joy a brighter future...

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Sat Apr 17, 2021 12:41 pm


A food-for-thought slam-dunk from Simon...

... £4 - 6,000 per jab? Let's say £5k...

5,000 × 7,000,000,000 (world population)

= £35,000,000,000,000 to jab the world.

That's £35 trillion.

This is not the 20 to 1 return boasted of by Killy-boy Gates if one allows say £1 billion investment - that would be:

35,000-to-one return...

How much for Blighty...?

£5,000 × 60,000,000 = £300,000,000,000

£300 billion...?

From where? From nowhere... they are creating new money from new debt... your new debt ledger to keep you in debt-servitude-slavery...

Apparently the debts of the NHS were 'forgiven' by Bojo the Clown last March...

Have we already had the jubilee/nesara-gesara/debt-forgiveness and T.H E.Y. didn't tell us...? They're just starting it all over again with 'new' overlords...?

Covid certificate = new birth certificate. Is it starting to look more like a fact now?

Thank you Simon.

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Sun May 02, 2021 1:39 am


Something annoying...

Received the blue envelope a few weeks ago - you know, from our clap-happy-ignorant-or-secret-keeping-tiktok-dancing fiends, sorry, 'friends' in the NHS suggesting i should participate in their ongoing unlawful human-medical-experiment of testing various serums (that allegedly previously killed just about every animal in the trials before being shelved as too dangerous) in order to protect me from... er... them? Or even (gulp!) T.H.E.M....? Having already seen one of these letters i didn't bother opening it, i ticked the little box helpfully marked 'no longer resident' and put it back in the post box... only to get the same one (i'd recognise my tick anywhere) a week later. Cheeky feckers! So i covered the address with a blank sticky-label and back to the post box i go. Job done, thinks i, but no  -  one week later, lo and behold, a brand new blue-murder envelope! i was almost minded to call them up and ask how dare they twice ignore my tick-in-the-box stating i don't live here anymore... but apart from the obvious flaw in that plan i thought it best not to give them any hint of an excuse for a psych-eval (if they are now ignoring their own ticky-boxes, they are clearly out-of-control  -  who knows what they'll do next? i don't wanna end up doing the tiktoksickjokejibjabboogey in some sort of institution) so i just ticked the box and put a sticky-label over the address again  -  but this time i wrote on the label: 'No longer resident'. That ought to do it... Oh, and btw - have you noticed they are addressed as styled in English? No ALLCAPS person nonsense required this time... hmmm... so they DO know the difference between the strawman and the flesh-and-blood when it suits them? After all, there's not much point trying to jib-jab/slow-kill something already dead... and if the latest (divisive) rumours of 'self-spreading vaccines' are true, they don't need to try to jib-jab everyone!

Something odd...

My friend took delivery of a new washing machine, and instead of taking his signature the delivery man took a photo of the machine in the hall. i mentioned that that was strange and he told me the same thing happened when he received his new tumble dryer a few months back... A photo replacing the liability-exchange signature...? Hmmm... our signatures are no good now? That's not all...

Something interesting...

i don't get much mail. At all. Other than the blue jab-notes mentioned all i've received in the last few months are 'GP Patient Survey' letters (from a GP i've managed to avoid for twenty-something years. Yes i'm blessed, and grateful for it.). Three to be precise, a few weeks prior to the blue ones. i usually get one a year, which i always file in the round filing cabinet, but they must have been really keen to get my opinion this year for some reason... anyway, even though i don't get mail - my parents do. They recently received letters from the various political parties because of the upcoming local elections - the usual stuff, but i noticed that some of the envelopes had actual postage stamps on them. Whereas that may or may not be strange in itself, what IS strange is that said envelopes had those two parallel horizontal lines of little faint orange vertical lines (red-meter marks?) that i always took to mean that the letter had passed through the postal system  -  but they had no postmark over the stamps! A fluke? (×4) A rare anomaly? (×4) Perhaps  -  but there's more! A few days ago i received a letter. It was in a cheap easy-seal slim white envelope with not-particularly-tidy hand-written addressee details like one might receive from a friend. No print on it to suggest it was from corporate officialdom, no return PO box address, no clue, nothing. Same as envelopes we might buy and use  -  but as i don't have any friends that write letters i was suspicious... well, turns out easy-seal also means easy-open and easy-reseal. Good job really, as it was an 'official' letter advising that it was my turn as an 'over-fifty' to head to my local stab-center at Anfield, LFC's ground. So i popped it back in the envelope, re-sealed it and was about to put a sticky-label over the addressee details to return-to-sender when i realised i was missing a good opportunity  -  not to get raped by a prick with a noxious needle though. This envelope had the usual red-meter markings and another postage stamp that had not been cancelled by postmark  -  so instead i just popped it back in the post and waited to see if it came back to me in the same state ie still sans postmark...

It arrived today. Stamp still sans postmark, still uncancelled  -  wtf is going on here?

Had a lovely chat with a lady working behind the counter at the local post office. Neither her nor her colleague could explain the lack of postmarks on the letters, and they agreed it was odd. Apparently all the letters people take to the post office to send get postmark-stamped by the teller there and then, and she demonstrated upon a letter i had brought to post. She also gave me a proof-of-postage that i had requested, and a receipt for the stamp ( i hadn't asked for that - what a sweetie!). Mail that doesn't cross the post office counter is therefore postmarked in sorting - they said they'd look into it and let me know.

Why the fuss  -  what's the difference if a letter is postmarked or not if the mail gets delivered?

Firstly, the postmark cancels any future re-use of the stamp. If one should attempt to re-use a postmarked stamp one is technically (and somewhat conspicuously evidenced to be) committing fraud... and if somebody has made the decision to (or been forced to?) not cancel the stamps then it facilitates potential fraud at its own expense  -  which is NOT a good business model, so why would they do that...? The PO counter staff clearly have not been included in the scheme  -  but i dare say the volume of mail crossing the counter may be dwarfed by that which goes through sorting... but that may be the least of what's happening here...

So if the letters are postmarked by Post Office counter staff but not by the sorting office, is that something to do with the separation of the Royal Mail from the Post Office? Which of them is responsible for the issue of postage stamps and sorting? That would appear to be Royal Mail. i did a quick duckduck, but there doesn't seem to be anything obvious online to suggest a reason for the missing postmarks. Could it be just a glitch ( x 4) at the local sorting office? Perhaps... in which case this is just a pointless flight of fancy  -  but what if it isn't?

Don't forget, stamps are said to be backed by gold and/or silver and are a currency in themselves  -  which may make them the closest thing to real money that we have, an evidence of 'consideration' to offer...

There is much speculation as to the fate of the Bills of Exchange Act due to the suspected forthcoming move to digital currency, and the banksters' growing disdain for incriminating paper-trails. The growing use of digital exchange seems to paint the writing-on-the-wall for paper in general.

Whereas stamps feature prominently in commerce, is a stamp a promissory note? Is a mailed/posted stamped letter a BoE? With the stamp-purchaser as drawer, Royal-Mail/Post-Office as drawee and the addressee as payee (or even drawer AND payee? The only name on the would-be 'instrument' is that of the addressee... and if there is no stamp on the delivered letter and the addressee pays the postage he then becomes drawer TO BECOME payee). In that scenario whichever entity that does postmark-stamp the stamp would be cashier? Lack of postmark (no cashier's stamp) renders the instrument inchoate...? Recipient beware dishonour afoot...?

When one buys a stamp an obligation is created for Royal Mail to discharge by performing a service to both the sender and recipient ie the drawer and the payee - but delivery is not always necessarily the only obligation...

...because in addition to its obligation to the sender it has a greater obligation to the addressee that it (RM) not be complicit in mail-fraud eg fraudulent conveyance of language (or even conveyance of fraudulent language eg ALLCAPS) delivered to the addressee. It may even be that once the stamp is affixed to the letter the ONLY obligation of RM/PO is to the addressee. RM knows it is technically liable for harm loss damage or fraud brought about by the written contents delivered (conveyed). RM would prefer we not know this and so makes the penalties for mail-fraud so severe as to effectively deter its occurrence. RM also knows  -  as do all of its commercial customers  -  that it can lien any offenders to claim back losses/damages (theoretically paid out to a damaged addressee) and put them in jail for fraud...

...which is why we have 'franking machines'. Use of 'frankenmail' (franked-mail) indicates to RM the existence of a private agreement (between the mailer and the addressee) to forego and waive the usual postal protections against mail-fraud, which removes liability for any fraudulent-conveyance away from RM. Frankenmail is a 'privilege of the dead' only to be used between time-servants/dead-entities (walking or not!) eg between the legal-fictions of creditors and debtors. Honest time-travellers (ie sentient people) use postage stamps.

(That's why i get excited when the walking-dead use a stamp, and why such with no postmark has me calling Scoobie-doo!)

BoE or not, the purchase of the stamp creates a trust relationship first between the purchaser and the service provider  -  with the stamp-purchaser as settlor, Royal-Mail/Post-Office as trustee and the addressee as beneficiary. The stamp represents the (gold/silver backed) res, which is actually a promise-of-service (a promissory note usually but not always discharged by man-hours in delivery) on the part of the Royal Mail and/or Post Office. Again, if the addressee is forced to pay for postage he assumes two roles  -  this time as settlor and beneficiary.

Whether viewed as BoE or trust, RM/PO are debtors of the stamp-purchaser and have obligations to fulfil for the stamp purchaser and any subsequent addressee - not only to deliver but in effect guarantee to the addressee fair play (in the written content of the letter) on the part of the sender.

Has the 'agreement' between the three parties (sender, RM/PO, addressee) been changed/novated?

It seems that now, in acceptance of the purchase price of the stamp, RM (maybe not PO, who still postmark and so indicate the usual level of protection  -  idk) agrees to deliver the mail as before - as evidenced by one's mail turning up bearing the red-meter marks - but does not guarantee fair-play nor accept liability for harm damage loss caused by mail-fraud eg fraudulent conveyance of language, as evidenced by its failure to 'endorse' the stamp via postmark.

It would seem that RM is no longer asserting-jurisdiction/offering-protection over the contents of stamp-bearing mail, which means stamped-mail now suffers the same lack of protection from mail-fraud as frankenmail.

In short: RM now honours its obligation to the sender but not the addressee...

Are royal mail defrauding us? Or are they expressing bankruptcy, an inability to honour their obligation in full...?

Again, this could all be down to a glitch in the local sorting office and my imagination running away with me, and if so then: sorry - my bad...

...but if not, here's a bit of food for thought  -  it seems more of us have been learning the value of autographing postage stamps strategically placed upon all sorts of our documents...

...are RM/PO postage stamps no longer evidence of real/royal consideration...?

i wonder if mark-christopher and/or RJ Gould know about this... sure seems like something they should know about...

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Mon May 03, 2021 1:13 pm


Here's a reminder of what the draconian conjob legislation entails:

As i read the linked material something occurred to me.

Whereas we know that we are covertly perceived as slaves/bond-servants by the human-farming industry masquerading as government, this legislation is effectively public notice that we are now overtly perceived as slaves/live-stock...

All that stuff about speedy cremation of remains and no post-mortem examination that we have taken to be a cover-up of the lack of an actual new disease  -  could it actually be a cover for something even worse ie covert organ-harvesting...? After all, the new opt-out system for organ donation was only okay-ed after the scamdemic was declared...

Have any organs been secretly harvested and sold, or used to offset debt to China, from those who died this last year 'with' but not 'of' conjob? Plenty of closed wards to hide such activity, and the 'opt-out' organ donation legislation automatically implies legitimisation of trade in human organs... and EVERYONE is in debt to China...

Also, we have assumed that it's all about genocide, that the vaxxed are gonna suffer illness and a premature demise  -  but what if the real target, or even secondary target, is the vax-refusers?

At a stroke, the govt has exposed its opposition  -  critical thinkers  -  and given itself both plausible deniability as to its real intent in rounding them up, and an unpaid army of idiots (our 'peers') who will think they're doing the right thing (or just don't care if it means they get to go on holiday or to a concert etc) in helping the govt incarcerate the new pariahs...

Loss of autonomy over our biology is true and absolute slavery. Beware.

Oh, and perhaps we could create a new pub-game - called 'spot the watchers' - in which pub-goers try to work out who the govt operatives (sent to eavesdrop on possible 'revolutionaries' in each pub) are...? Gotta be more fun than dominoes...

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Tue May 04, 2021 12:46 pm


This was linked in a 'Hugo talks some more' video. Was reading the comments on the linked article and found this  -  feckin' weird or what?

Manvir Singh

 7 days ago

See the Farmers Protest at the borders of Delhi. All normal there despite no masks or social distancing. Just saw live videos of it yesterday and many more people from Panjab just arrived and thousands sitting together without distancing.
I know the local language so have seen reports of people killed for organs and labelled as covid, hospital staff paying as much as 20% commission to anyone who brings in a patient with covid-19 like symptoms.




Could it really be happening...?

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Thu May 13, 2021 2:15 pm


A bit more of my opinion on the biblical aspect  -  just ideas and speculation but perhaps worthy of some consideration.

Firstly  -  what is a 'wife'? The answer may not be what one thinks...

If we take Eve to be the 'wife', let's look at Eve in the 'garden of Eden'  -  what was she after? She was 'after the likeness' of the Elohim ie she wanted to be like them... she wanted to be 'wise'...

At the time of first print the KJV used the English language of the time. One noticeable difference between old English and modern English language was that letter 'f' was used as an 's' whenever the phonetic 's' appeared in the middle of a word... see where i'm going here...?

wife  =  wise

...they just didn't bother to change the 'f' to an 's' in that one pivotal word !

Why not? To hide the true meaning of what is portrayed in KJV Gen 2 about the 'creation' of man - where his 'wisdom' is removed as he is sleeping...


What does the phrase 'here and now' mean to you? Just a description of one's actual current place and time...?

Yes... and no. No, because it is more than that; and: yes, because it is SO much more than that...

i have mentioned in prior posts that i think the words 'and' and 'now' in KJV Gen 1- 3 are characters in the narrative, with 'and' representing our time-corruptible flesh and 'now' our time-incorruptible bone, but i previously have allotted the role of 'blood' to 'man'... which gives him a dual role as i now perceive man as mind/intellect/indoctrination. No, imo 'man' is mind  -  which leaves us with no actor for the blood...

'Blood' is an interesting word in Hebrew as the same word is used for 'retribution' and 'money'...

Hereditary  =  passed down in blood


Here  =  blood

...and so:

Man, here and now.


Man. Here. And. Now.  =  Mind. Blood. Flesh. Bone.

Am i right? Who knows...

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Re: food for thought

Postby iamani » Thu May 20, 2021 8:43 pm


i've been following (and enjoying) ULCT and Minister Emoven (mainly on YT) for 6-7 months now, hoping to find proof of merit to their offer before committing myself - and more importantly - trying to convince others.

Unfortunately the following link may prove fatal to such hope:

Oh dear.

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