Benefits appeal Tribunal advice/ideas

Benefits appeal Tribunal advice/ideas

Postby Ingy » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:22 pm

I am awaiting a date for my appeal to be heard by a tribunal concerning a benefit I had cut and now stopped (long story) so the outcome doesn't really matter as they have stopped the beneift anyway.

The outcome of this hearing is inevitable as it is their system and Mr Cameron has ordered targets for benefits to be stopped which arte being carrioed out by ATOS in return for cash, so I could use this hearing to have my first trial ( see what I did there? :giggle: ) of some Freeman upturning of their corrput system.

So what advice as anyone got for me to put a decent spanner in the works of them making any decision anyway? Just to let them know that I know their game us corrupt and that some folk are onto them.

Could I start before the hearing by writting to them requesting a Trial by Jury which I have the right to? (Please let me know what to quote that gives me the right to a trial by jury, if this is a good idea.) Anything to stop their corrupt system, anything to beat them.
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